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BlackMilk Clothing Releases Lookbook Of Upcoming Labyrinth Line

Australian retailer BlackMilk Clothing just released a lookbook for their upcoming clothing line release.  The company is no stranger to themed licensed releases, having previously worked with DC Comics and other notable names.The newest line just happens to be Labyrinth, that amazing fantasy classic from Jim Henson studios released in 1986 starring Jennifer Connelly and the late great David Bowie[...]

Does Jenny Frison Wish Jennifer Connelly Was Wonder Woman Instead Of Gal Gadot?

Separated at birth! This is the variant cover to Wonder Woman #25 by Jenny Frison, which you may first have seen on Bleeding Cool.And this is Jennifer Connelly.Looks like Gal Gadot was busy that day? Or just Separated at Birth?UPDATE: Connelly, Lawrence, one of the two.. thanks Caspar![poll id="20"] Separated at birth! This is the[...]

New "Labyrinth" Film Moves Forward With Fede Alvarez

 David Bowie starred as the iconic tightpants/dreamboat/Goblin King Jareth who stole baby brother Toby of Jennifer Connelly's character Sarah  (Toby was actually played by concept and fantasy artist Brian Froud's son named Toby, which is pretty nifty especially when you see the original art Froud did for the film years before Toby was born.)[...]

The Rocketeer To Finally Take Flight Again

Starring The 4400's Billy Campbell and Jennifer Connelly, it did modest business But it was also fondly remembered by those who saw it during that busy summer The film also gave an inkling of what Johnston would ultimately do with Captain America: The First Avenger.And since the modern era of superhero movies began, many wondered[...]