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DC Round Robin
Or in the case of the last time, JLQ, something people can actively campaign against Last time DC Round Robin was won by Robins, this time there is less nominative determination available Each week will feature new rounds of voting, until there is a single victor It's not a pomegranate, what do you really think[...]
Thank FOC Diamond Websites Are Back - 7th November 2021
But when Jay's partner Cassandra joins as a new player, Lana's afraid the party won't ever finish their quest… Batman #118, the new run by Josh Williamson, launches from DC Comics, with 1:25, 1:50, 1:100 and 1:250 variant covers. While the old run James Tynion IV run ends with Batman: Fear State Omega #1. Lots of DC 2021[...]
Is This How DC Comics Gives Us A JLQ
JLQ – of Justice League Queer – was part of the DC Comics Round Robin tournament to see which comic book idea would get an ongoing series And while Robins – the title JLQ was first put up against, went to win that round and head to publication, JLQ from former Bleeding Cool contributor Andrew[...]
Auto Draft
He was also the writer behind the pitch for JLQ in the DC Comics tournament that couldn't get past being initially put up against the eventual winner, Robins But he did manage to sneak them into his DC Pride story, published yesterday, which takes place at a Metropolis Pride event, with Jackson Hyde – Aqualad[...]
Andrew Wheeler, JLQ And What Comes Next
A recent story of his planned for DC's Valentine's Day anthology was moved to the DC Pride Anthology, And that's where we come in. I made the guess that Andrew Wheeler was behind the DC Round Robin pitch for JLQ that went up against Tim Seeley's Robins and lost, despite plenty of expressed fan support for[...]
DC Comics Will Let Readers Vote To Publish Justice League Queer
Lots of people have been commenting and voting, with the JLQ Vs Robins getting the most attention, with Robins in the lead The DC team has chosen to conduct a Q&A through the DC Universe page Not available to those outside the US, Bleeding Cool has reproduced a few of these questions and answers for[...]