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JM DeMatteis Launches DeMultiverse With Four New Comics
The DeMultiverse is a new series of four comic books written by JM DeMatteis, known for Justice League International, Moonshadow, and Spider-Man: Kraven's Last Hunt, and are being crowdfunded by its publisher, the new imprint Spellbound Comics. The four stories, a fantasy, a classic superhero, a supernatural Western, and a Philip K Dick-meets-Matrix-meets-Kirby's New Gods book[...]
Batman: Bad Blood Gets Release Date
Batman: Bad Blood has gotten a new trailer and an official release date. The latest animated series from Warner Home Entertainment will be available on
JM DeMatteis To Co-Write Phantom Stranger
From Dan Didio's Facebook page; Think i mentioned this somewhere but JM DeMatteis will be joining me on the scripting of the series It will help keep the series on schedule and with JM, deliver the quality you hope and expect for the book. DeMatteis, writer of Kraven's Last Hunt, Justice League International-when-it-was-brilliant, Moonshadow and Brooklyn Dreams[...]