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Doctor Who, Lucifer, Randy Orton, Alienist & More: BCTV Sunday Slices (Image: Netflix)

Doctor Who, Lucifer, Randy Orton, Alienist & More: BCTV Sunday Slices

*Yawn*[caption id="attachment_1221103" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Pattern wall of pile colorful retro television (TV) Image: jakkapan /[/caption]So what do we have on the slate for this week's BCTV Sunday Slices? How about bad Quibi moves and John Cleese on a mission? We've got Khary Payton and his son Karter, woke Randy Orton, The Gambler v2.0, and[...]

John Cleese Guilts BBC into Restoring Fawlty Towers to Streaming (Image: BBC)

John Cleese Guilts BBC into Restoring Fawlty Towers to Streamer

Earlier this week, the BBC pulled “The Germans”, an episode of the classic sitcom Fawlty Towers from its UKTV streaming service for containing “racial slurs”.  However, the episode will now be reinstated to the service after creator, star, and co-writer John Cleese took to Twitter to criticize their decision In the episode, the major uses[...]

L_R: The official posters for Monty Python's Life of Brian (1979) and Charlotte's Web (2006).

Did You Catch the Life Of Brian Reference in Charlotte's Web (2006)?

Specifically, a scene with John Cleese voicing one of the sheep on the farm where Charlotte the spider, the pig, and the rest of the farmyard animals live. PIG: Hey come on You wanna join me? Come on let's go.ALL SHEEP (in unison): Let's go let's goJOHN SHEEP: Let's not[...]

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"Monty Python" Legend Terry Jones Passes Away, Age 77

When Python made its debut in 1969, Jones already worked writing and performing sketches with the remaining Pythons in Gilliam, Palin, Eric Idle, John Cleese, and Graham Chapman on shows like The Frost Report (1966), Twice a Fortnight, and Do Not Adjust Your Set (1967).Among the most beloved characters Jones brought to the screen in Python[...]

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"Monty Python" 50 Years of Contemporary Relevance [OPINION]

The stories and sketches Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin, and Terry Gilliam have heavily influenced generaations.Every 10 years, Monty Python reunites to tell and retell their stories about pitching the idea to the BBC, creative process of the television series, and shooting the films The last time the six were[...]

The Economic Report of the President is the Greatest Pop Culture Crossover of All Time

If these are actual interns, we hope you are laughing along with us.John Cleese of Monty Python fame Jabba the Hutt of Tatooine slug gangster fame Kathryn Janeway captain of the U.S.S Voyager Aunt May, aunt to Peter Parker a friendly neighborhood spider-man John (sic) Snow, knows nothing, likes walls Bruce Wayne playboy billionaire philanthropist[...]


Netflix Has the Entire Monty Python Catalogue, Will Launch Later This Year

The streaming service giant has acquired the entire Python catalogue of films, Flying Circus episodes, and various live performances and will be launching them sometime later this year.[caption id="attachment_752780" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: Netflix[/caption]The UK and Canada Netflix subscribers will actually get access to everything on April 15th (at least according to Deadline), but the US won't[...]

John Cleese Stars In Co-Op Sabatoge Title RAID: WWII

Prepare to fight dirty and dictate new world disorder with RAID: World War II as Starbreeze, Lion GameLion and 505 Games today revealed release dates for the highly- anticipated shooter, starring John Cleese as the British intelligence officer named Control.The game itself is a four-player cooperative first-person shooter set during that pleasant little time period when the German war machine was tearing through Europe, and hope was in rather short supply.Known for contributing to critically-acclaimed heist game PAYDAY 2, developers Game Lion lead by Game Director Ilija Petrusic (Co-founder of OVERKILL Software and lead[...]

Rich Johnston At The London Film And Comic Con Tomorrow, Table 38

Anything you can do to entertain them will also be welcomed.The London Film And Comic-Con will be at the Olympia exhibition hall near Earl's Court and Brompton Park.Joining me at the show are Marv Wolfman, Tommy Yune, Andy Diggle, Geoff Senior, Rantz Hoseley, Simon Furman, Jessica Martin, Ben Templesmith, Will Simpson, Amrit Birdi, Paul Cornell,[...]

After Almost 40 Years, John Cleese To Star In New BBC Sitcom

John Cleese is funny Seriouisly funny Think of what you've seen him in.. Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, A Fish Called Wanda.. The man is comedy incarnate And now, after almost forty years away from them, Cleese is returning for a BBC Sitcom The legendary actor will co-start with Alison Steadman in a six-part comedy series[...]

Does Convincing New Evidence Basically Confirm John Cleese In DC Movie Role?

Scintillating new details have emerged in the internet's ongoing investigation into a possible John Cleese role in the DC Cinematic Universe, possibly in Justice League, Ben Affleck's standalone Batman film, or both According to, who heard it from some guy on Twitter, John Cleese's twitter account has recently begun following both Ben Affleck and Justice[...]

John Cleese's Twitter Might Hint At DC Movie Appearance

John Cleese is a hugely respected memeber of any cast he is in The actor has been working for decades now, and he has the abillty to turn up in some pretty unexpected places as well.Speaking of, if his Twitter is to be believed, it looks like he might turn up in the DCEU too[...]

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Jeremy Renner Signs On To Lead A New Team

Renner joins a cast that already includes Alec Baldwin, James Franco, Anjelica Huston and Omar Sy as a group of inexperienced heroes combining to thwart the evil Doc Walrus, voiced by John Cleese, and save the Arctic Renner will be a fox named Swifty.The screenplay is written by Cal Brunker and Bob Barlen.[Source: Variety][...]

Monty Python Live (Mostly): One Down, Five to Go – The Perils Of High-Def

But it feels downright weird to watch a kick-line of dancers do the “Silly Walk,” particularly when we know that John Cleese no longer can; after a while, all the dance numbers just run together in stultifying irrelevance.The choice of “Four Yorkshiremen” to open the show “proper” is a bit awkward This is a piece[...]

Prepare To Meet El Chupacabra, Daredevil Of The Cars Spin-Off, Planes

Hopefully, with the help of his fellow planes, voiced by Val Kilmer, Teri Hatcher and John Cleese, he will be able to face his phobia.Oh, we’re sure he will.Planes flies in to cinemas on August 9th in US and August 16th in the UK. Jessy Williams writes for Bleeding CoolDisney want to introduce you to[...]

Arterton And Probably Cumberbatch Join Monty Python Crew For Absolutely Anything

Then I'd get some pancakes.And for inspiration as to what else one might do with these limitless powers, I guess you don't need to look much further than the cast list.Already signed up for a role is Gemma Arterton, and Benedict Cumberbatch is negotiating to join in too.They will join Robin Williams, Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin[...]

Images From The Monty Python Near-Reunion Pic, A Liar's Autobiography

Indeed, there's likely to be more Chapman than anybody else as the entire project is built around audio tapes of Chapman reading from his fictionalised bio, A Liar's Autobiography.The filmmakers did manage to recruit most of the living Pythons however, with Michael Palin, Terry Jones, John Cleese and Terry Gilliam all providing voices for the[...]