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In Layman's Terms: John Layman Talks New Charlie's Angels Comic Series
Dynamite recently announced the launch of a Charlie's Angels comic series written by John Layman (Chew) The writer is known for telling compelling stories with a bit of humor I got to talk to him about adapting the iconic '70s television series to the comic page… and of course, he answered in Layman's terms. DAN WICKLINE:[...]
John Layman and Joe Eisma Team for Charlie's Angels Comic Book Series
The publisher has landed the license for Charlie's Angels and enticed fan-favorite writer John Layman (Chew) and artist Joe Eisma (Big Trouble in Little China) to come on board as the creative team. Based on Sony Pictures Television's action classic television series of the 70's, the new comic book series — debuting in June 2018 —[...]
Funko Judge Dredd One Shot IDW
John Layman wrote a simple, yet fun story, and artist Troy Little brings it to life. "Matters of Life & Death" is the final story, and is just as fun as the previous two When zombies attack Mega City 1, citizens are running for their lives Dredd meanwhile quips "The law doesn't run from zombies" It's[...]
How It Begins – Andy Kuhn's Thumbnails For Mars Attacks: Occupation
While page 2 on the other hand stayed almost exactly how he thumbnailed it. The series is being written by John Layman and colored by Jason Lewis.   Mars Attacks: Occupation #5 came out yesterday from IDW While this morning artist Andy Kuhn posted his thumbnails for the issue on Facebook[...]
How John Layman Trolled The Internet With Chew #54 (Spoilers)
John Layman like to troll people The internet, his fans, anyone who wanders into his line of fire. Take the last two issues of Chew Issue 54 had this happen Tony Chew's fellow cibopath Savoy Mason contemplating the taking a life to save, as he saw it, the world. That's Amelia in the photo, Tony Chu's fiance[...]
Chew #51 Outdoes DC Comics With Chonk Toy Ads, Just in Time For Hallowe'en
Who's going to buy my kids a Chunk for Christmas? There can't be that many side-effects can there? Chew #51 by John Layman and Rob Guillory is published by Image Comics tomorrow Chunks will be available from Skelton Crew soon. Earlier last year, Bleeding Cool was the first to tell you that DC Comics would be[...]
Mars Occupies! A New Mars Attacks Series From John Layman And Andy Kuhn For 2016
Mars Attacks: Occupation by John Layman and Andy Kuhn, with covers by John McCrea and Ryan Brown is coming from IDW in March next year… Mars Attacks is back, and that pesky human John Layman, too!​ ​The Martians came The Martians saw The Martians conquered Now the space invaders cruelly rule over humanity, which has no hope for liberation…[...]
Something Big To Chew Over Today
The comic book Chew, by John Layman and Rob Guillory, which has an abandoned Showtime production and an in progress animation production to its name, is approaching its fiftieth issue. A comic ostensibly about a world with chcken prohibition after an apocalyptic avian flu, quickly segued into a population with people developing food-derived superpowers, and lead[...]
John Layman Doesn't Want To Tell Us Anything
While at the Phoenix Comic Con this last weekend I had the opportunity to sit down with writer John Layman to talk about the coming end for his and Rob Guillory's creator-owned series Chew With issue 50 due out next month for San Diego, the series will have just 10 issues to go… and the[...]
SDCC 2015 Debut: Lady Action And Chew
As well as Lady Action appearing on the Paul Gulacy cover of this year's Overstreet Guide. They are also running a second annual Captain Action Custom Figure Contest, with the winner to be announced at Comic-Con. Participants will be asked to customize their 1/6th scale Captain Action figures as villainous characters. And here's the standard and variant slipcase covers[...]
The Bleed Episode 2.12: Reading One-Punch Man With John Layman
The podcast consists of the latest news in comics, creator interviews, and a weekly book club discussion. John Layman joins the podcast to discuss ONE-PUNCH MAN by ONE and Yusuke Murata! The writer also discussed his work in Da Big Two, his stint in editorial and the woes that came with it, and why he is proud if he is forever known as "the Chew guy." We[...]
Eisner Award-Winning Series Chew Gets A Tabletop Game From IDW
Like the comic, creator and writer John Layman will be involved in the text aspect of the game, while Rob Guillory will illustrate IDW Games enlisted the help of designer Kevin Wilson to create a fast-paced over-the-top card game worthy of the Chew name. John Layman described the process of working on the game as "a[...]