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Persona 5 Streetwear Collection Debuts from Crunchyroll Loves
Persona 5, the immensely popular JRPG, which then spawned a manga and an anime spinoff, now has a streetwear line from Crunchyroll Loves, the anime streaming service's apparel line The PERSONA5 the Animation x Crunchyroll Loves Streetwear collaboration has launched in time for Cyber Monday. Persona 5: The Animation X Crunchyroll Loves Persona 5 is the most[...]
CrossCode, Cult-Hit Indie 2D JRPG, To Release On PS4 and Switch
CrossCode, an indie JRPG game created by ININ Games, Deck13, and Radical Fish Games, is finally coming to the Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch consoles This comes after CrossCode made over 400,000 sales on PC. An array of products for CrossCode, an indie game by ININ Games, Deck13, and Radical Fish Games. CrossCode will be available in[...]
“Persona 5” Volume 1: A Faithful Adaptation of the Heady Role-Playing Videogame [Review]
The JRPG is a surreal, some say pretentious, mix of Jungian symbolism, social commentary, allegorical psychoanalysis, hero's journey and turn-based battles It's one of the few RPGs set in contemporary times instead of a medieval fantasy world That explicitly puts its themes of teenage alienation, empowerment, friendship in the present without the filter of a[...]
Compile Heart Show Off Eight New Projects Are On The Way
Especially when you take into consideration that at least five of them are confirmed RPG/JRPG titles that seem to be original works and not tied to any current IP No further information was provided by the company or Kochiwa after the presentation, as we're sure a lot of it is ideas int he works and[...]
Finding A JRPG With A Comic: We Review Battle Chasers: Nightwar
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] It's sometimes hard getting a good JRPG from any company outside Japan A lot of games have the heart, a lot have the design, a lot of the mechanics, and the rest have the influences, but few manage to marry all of those together to make a really good JRPG So when Battle Chasers:[...]
Check Out Ten Minutes of Footage From 'Lost Sphear'
Nintendo Everything recently posted a video on YouTube from GameSpot Expo 2017 showing off 10 minutes of gameplay from the upcoming JRPG, showing off some of the game's awesome mechanics Lost Sphear is set for release in Japan on October 18th, but for now, enjoy the wonderful footage we've posted below. Square Enix has been working[...]
Splitting The Story In Two: We Review 'Fallen Legion'
The cutscenes are pretty succinct and to the point, no long drawn out issues or weird character arches and typical JRPG development where everything is about how people interact and get all gushy over each other This is a battle from two different perspectives going for total victory. credit//YummyYummyTummy Fallen Legion's gameplay will have you and your[...]
'Lionheart' Finally Gets A PC Release Date For July
It's been a minute since we've heard anything solid on the JRPG Lionheart, including when we'll actually see the game Today, we finally got some news as Fruitbat Factory announced the Shiisanmei developed title will be released on Steam on July 31st. The game itself has been a labor of love for both companies involved, as they[...]
'Dragon Quest XI' Coming To North America Sometime In The Future
Actually, we could have predicted that as everyone has become a lot more obsessed with JRPG games lately, and there was absolutely no way Square Enix wasn't going to release this in the west. What makes it so unusual and promising is that, firstly, Square has always dragged their feet on the Dragon Quest series to[...]
Delving Into The Already Acclaimed 'Persona 5'
Do I absolutely need a fifth conversation lasting ten minutes with someone about how I'm a transfer student? But even with those issues, it's still one of the best JRPGs I've played in a couple years and has the hallmarks of being a classic It's got tons of gameplay with a nice replay value if[...]