“Persona 5” Volume 1: A Faithful Adaptation of the Heady Role-Playing Videogame [Review]

"Persona 5" Volume 1: A Faithful Adaptation of the Heady Role-Playing Videogame [Review]

Hisato Murasaki adapted the popular videogame Persona 5 and Viz Media has brought it out in English. Popular videogames get anime and manga adaptations in Japan as part of the synergy of multimedia exposure. Japanese Role-Playing Games are especially big and unique. They're an empowerment fantasy for kids to learn to socialize, band together and finally […]

Compile Heart Show Off Eight New Projects Are On The Way

Some interesting developments on the part of Japanese developer Compile Heart, who revealed at the end of a recent video about Death end re;Quest that the company is currently working on eight different projects as we speak. The video showed the company's president Norihisa Kochiwa revealing nine different files in which the company was working on, the first […]

Koei Tecmo Have a New Project Coming From The Toukiden Team

Koei Tecmo producer Kenichi Ogasawara had quite a bit to share in his year-end interview with Dengeki PlayStation. This news comes to us courtesy of Ryokutya2089 (translation from Siliconera). First, Ogasawara said that Koei Tecmo has already begun working on "numbered titles for this and that." Which could mean just about any of their games. That said, […]

New Disgaea, Refrain, and Yomawari Games in the Works at Nippon Ichi

Nippon Ichi Software recently updated fans on some of the games they're working on whihc includes Coven and Labyrinth of Refrain and Yomawari. Talk on a new Disgaea development is also on its way. This announcement comes from a reporty by Ryokutya2089 (and translated by Siliconera) During the recent talk, Nippon Ichi stated that they're planning new titles for both the Coven […]

Finding A JRPG With A Comic: We Review Battle Chasers: Nightwar

It's sometimes hard getting a good JRPG from any company outside Japan. A lot of games have the heart, a lot have the design, a lot of the mechanics, and the rest have the influences, but few manage to marry all of those together to make a really good JRPG. So when Battle Chasers: Nightwar […]

Check Out Ten Minutes of Footage From 'Lost Sphear'

Square Enix has been working with Tokyo RPG Factory on Lost Sphear for roughly the past year to get a PS4 release by the first quarter of 2018. TRF was also responsible for I Am Setsuna, so the bar is pretty high for them when it comes to producing an awesome game. Nintendo Everything recently posted a […]

Splitting The Story In Two: We Review 'Fallen Legion'

It's an odd concept to have the same game put on two different systems with different stories, but Fallen Legion is taking a step toward being unique. The game itself is really cool, but the concept itself kinda falls by the waist as we delve into the PS4 version of the game. Fallen Legion has […]

'Lionheart' Finally Gets A PC Release Date For July

It's been a minute since we've heard anything solid on the JRPG Lionheart, including when we'll actually see the game. Today, we finally got some news as Fruitbat Factory announced the Shiisanmei developed title will be released on Steam on July 31st. The game itself has been a labor of love for both companies involved, as […]

'Dragon Quest XI' Coming To North America Sometime In The Future

Dragon Quest XI hasn't even been released in Japan yet, and we already have confirmation that the game will be coming to North America. Actually, we could have predicted that as everyone has become a lot more obsessed with JRPG games lately, and there was absolutely no way Square Enix wasn't going to release this […]

Delving Into The Already Acclaimed 'Persona 5'

It's kind of an interesting challenge to review a game that everyone and their mother have already taken a crack at before you ever downloaded it. I mean, honestly, if you're a gamer who reads the news of any number of outlets, you've already read someone's review of this game, even if it was the […]