Koei Tecmo Have a New Project Coming From The Toukiden Team

Koei Tecmo Have a New Project Coming From The Toukiden Team

Koei Tecmo producer Kenichi Ogasawara had quite a bit to share in his year-end interview with Dengeki PlayStation. This news comes to us courtesy of Ryokutya2089 (translation from Siliconera).

First, Ogasawara said that Koei Tecmo has already begun working on "numbered titles for this and that." Which could mean just about any of their games. That said, will almost certainly see a new Samurai Warriors, Orochi and maybe even a new Romance of the Three Kingdoms. He also revealed that a new collaboration project is in the works.

The Toukiden team's core members are also working on a brand-new project, but it'll be a while until they're able to talk about it. This new project will be quite the surprising one, and Ogasawara is looking forward to its announcement.

While a lot of this is pretty vague, it does mean we have reason to be excited for the new year in terms of Koei games, anyhow. And there will likely be a delay between the Japanese releases and the Western ones, of course. Its always good to know what is on the way.

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