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All-New Wolverine #29 Cover by Elizabeth Torque
In All-New Wolverine #29, Wolverine, Daken, and Gabby help Muramasa create an armor to counter his famous blade. Unfortunately, the Orphans of X and the Hand arrive not long after. Does this make for a good read?
Thankfully for him, Laura Kinney, his genetic clone and the All-New Wolverine, is here to help The two track Akiko through hordes of Hand assassins, eventually finding her in the hands of one of Logan's oldest and deadliest foes: the Sabretooth. And it's freaking awesome Tom Taylor has set up quite the reunion for this one[...]
All-New Wolverine #22 Review: The Guardians Were In The Neighborhood
Laura Kinney has risen to be one of Marvel's coolest superhero offerings, and this comic shows why She's determined, less bitter than her predecessor, and actually has a slight sense of humor. This next stage of her adventure is a bit charming in its shameless ridiculousness Laura needs to go to space, and the Guardians happen[...]