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G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #277 Review: No Ordinary Joe
Credit: IDW The military policeman Law and his canine colleague Order didn't see a lot of front line action One would not expect them to be parachuted down into danger zones alongside some of the team's better-known names, but if they qualified for this elite task force, you'd have to expect that they are (pardon the[...]
how to get away with murder
Debuting in 2014 from series creator/showrunner Peter Nowalk and executive producer by Shonda Rhimes, How to Get Away With Murder follows a Philadelphia law professor who finds herself embroiled in the deadly dealings of her students – as well as her own. (ABC/Mitch Haaseth)VIOLA DAVIS "Viola Davis made television history with her unforgettable portrayal of iconic female[...]
"The Walking Dead": AMC's Sarah Barnett Comments on Georgia Abortion Ban
Following up on the company's statement that it will "reevaluate" its presence in the state if Georgia's new abortion law goes into effect, AMC Entertainment Networks boss Sarah Barnett offered her thoughts on moving The Walking Dead and how she sees the matter as a civil rights issue during an interview the Banff World Media[...]
Hulu Creating "Grisham Universe" with The Rainmaker, Rogue Lawyer Series Adapts
Hulu is getting into the John Grisham business in a major way, announcing a two-series "shared universe" project based on two of Grisham's novels, The Rainmaker and Rogue Lawyer Tentatively titled "The Grisham Universe," the multi-series franchise effort stems from writers Michael Seitzman (Quantico, Code Black), Jason Richman (Detroit 1-8-7), Grisham, ABC Signature, and ABC Studios-based[...]
Chiller Theatre Expo Evacuated After "Suspicious Device" Allegedly Found
Law, Good Times, and The Love Boat, and films like Evil Dead, Day of the Dead, and more It has also been featured on the Travel Channel on shows like Toy Hunter and more. This threat comes only days after bombs were mailed to many members of the Democratic Party and CNN, and after today's tragic[...]
Camera One To Return Dune Production Artwork To The Estate Of Moebius
As well as his many personal credits, Jean-Marc Lofficier worked with Moebius – Jean Giraud – extensively over their lives, including translating many of his works into English. Which is why it seems so fitting that he should choose to translate and analyse a French legal decision regarding the estate of Jean Giraud and a French film[...]