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LEGO and Universal have entered a new partnership.

LEGO And Universal Pictures Enter New Five Year Film Agreeement

as a partner, two LEGO Movies, a LEGO Batman film, and Ninjago have all hit the big screen and combined to gross $1 billion at the box office One of Universal's biggest properties, Jurassic Park, has had a LEGO series airing on television since last year The original releases will stay in the Warner catalog[...]

Lego Batman 1989 Batmobile Is Here to Pick You Up

Lego Batman 1989 Batmobile Is Here to Pick You Up

LEGO Batman has been so popular that it even got its own featured film which was quite hilarious However, that is not the Batman we are talking about, this time we’re talking about Batman 1989 That’s iconic Michael Keaton film opened up the floodgates for a whole new Hollywood undertaking of the Batman world[...]

Batman 80th Anniversary LEGO Exclusive Coming to SDCC

Batman 80th Anniversary LEGO Exclusive Coming to SDCC

Batman is celebrating his 80th birthday this year, and LEGO is helping by bringing an exclusive set with them to SDCC. This is the second exclusive revealed by LEGO, after the Captain Marvel set was revealed earlier. This Batman set will clock in at 427 bricks and features the Dark Knight of Gotham City perched […]

LEGO Releasing SIX New Batman Sets Celebrating His 80th Birthday

LEGO Releasing SIX New Batman Sets Celebrating His 80th Anniversary

LEGO have revealed six new Batman sets that will release on August 1 celebrating The Dark Knight's 80th anniversary this year. They will range in price and brick size, from $9.99 to $99.99, and they have every Bat-Family and villain you could possibly want. Also it is really cool how each set pays tribute to […]

Lego Batman Causes Trouble For Trump Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin

But it's Steven Mnuchin, who has helped finance projects such as Fox's X-Men movies, Suicide Squad, and, most recently, The Lego Batman Movie, scored the most lucrative position of all, as Trump's Secretary of the Treasury.It's that last film that landed Mnuchin in hot water this week when the government official told people at an media[...]

Lego Batman Story Pack Goes Live On Lego Dimensions Today

Lego Batman is in theaters today and to celebrate, Lego Dimensions is getting a Lego Batman Movie update today.The story pack includes Batman, Batgirl, and Robin minifigs as well as a Batwing which can become two other Bat-vehicles- the Bat-Raptor, and an Ultrabat The update adds six new levels based on the movie, featuring the usual[...]

LEGO: Batman Wishes You A Dark Knight This Holiday Time

I've found myself laughing a fair bit, and it most certainly seems to have the charm of The LEGO Movie.As we approach the holidays, LEGO Batman has a christmas message for you too Shared on the film's Twitter account, Will Arnett lends his voice to wish everyone a happy holiday.Take a look:There’s nothing like celebrating the[...]

The LEGO Batman Movie Gets A Joker Heavy Extended TV Spot

The LEGO Batman Movie is shaping up to look quite excellent I think The idea for the film could have ended up feeling a little small compared to something like The LEGO Movie, but everything released thus far has suggested otherwise.This extended TV spot is one such example It's more or less a new trailer,[...]

Twenty-Seven Years Later, Billy Dee Williams Is Two-Face In (Lego) Batman Movie [Updated]

But finally, balance has been restored to the force, as the Star Wars actor will play Two-Face at last - in The Lego Batman Movie.The news was announced via the Twitter account of director Chris McKay, when asked by a fan if Williams would voice the character: happy ending to Williams' Two-Face saga proves that anyone,[...]

The LEGO Batman Movie SDCC Trailer Finally Hits The Net For All To See

That's why I'm absolutely ready for spending more time with that character in The LEGO Batman Movie.The film just got a trailer during WB's SDCC panel, where we are expecting a lot of announcements It took a little while to get out, but it is finally here It's bright, silly and fun, and well worth[...]

Bruce Wayne Is Unmasked In New Poster For The LEGO Batman Movie

How The LEGO Batman Movie works, now that the jumbled property chaos of The LEGO Movie was, is certainly one of the things the movie's critical success will hinge on With a more focused, huge scale version of a LEGO IP, director Chris McKay has his work cut out for him when getting specific.Ahead of[...]

Syfy To Broadcast Live From Comicon With Host WIll Arnett

And even some celebrity interviews.Arnett is well established in the Geek Culture having recently appeared in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows and soon to be voicing the Dark Knight in the Lego Batman movie. The Syfy Network has announced that they will be broadcasting live from this years San Diego Comic Con[...]

Mariah Carey To Play Lego Commissioner Gordon In Lego Batman [UPDATED]

According to Deadline, singer and actress Mariah Carey is in talks to lend her voice to Lego Commissioner Gordon in the upcoming The Lego Movie spin-off,  The Lego Batman Movie.The film will see Will Arnett reprise his role of Lego Batman Reportedly, the voices of Michael Cera as Robin and Rosario Dawson as Batgirl will[...]

Ralph Fiennes To Voice Lego Alfred In Lego Batman

Then current head of James Bond's 00 section, Ralph Fiennes, will lend his voice to Lego Alfred in the upcoming Lego Movie spin-off, Lego Batman, according to The Hollywood Reporter He joins Will Arnett, reprising the role of Lego Batman from 2014's The Lego Movie, as the Dark Knight's faithful and often quippy butler.The animated[...]

Rosario Dawson To Voice Batgirl In Big Screen Lego Batman

Variety reports that Daredevil's Rosario Dawson will lend her voice to Batgirl in Warner Bros.'s upcoming Lego Batman, the big screen spin-off of 2014's The Lego Movie She joins Will Arnett, Michael Cera and Zach Galifianakis in the film, which will see Arnett's Lego Batman take center stage with Cera as his Robin and Galifianakis as[...]

Arrow DLC For Lego Batman 3 Gets A Cute Trailer That Stars Stephen Amell

The Arrow DLC for Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is out today and to celebrate TT Games released a cute trailer The DLC features the show's star Stephen Amell as the titular hero and comes with 9 new characters and a short mission set on the island where Oliver Queen was stranded.You can pick up[...]

More Info On Lego Batman 3 And The Promise Of 150 Playable DC Characters

What's new with Lego Batman 3? Well, according to the games' director, "The main new thing is that we're going to space."There's more to it than that, though, with killer washing machines, Solomon Grudy's timelag and over 150 playable characters including the Justice League, Legion of Doom and Brainiac with (a lot more) to be[...]