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More Gotham Gossip from Bleeding Cool Stuff that is heading down the tracks to Batman and all his Batpeople from DC Comics… CATWOMAN #34 Batman is dead The Scarecrow has poisoned your water The Magistrate is coming to steal your children. He isn't, he hasn't and no, that's Batman's job But it's a good line to increase fear[...]
Declan Shalvey And PJ Holden Are Doing A James Bond: M One-Shot
Dynamite has just announced a new one-shot set in the James Bond universe from writer Declan Shalvey (Deadpool Vs Old Man Logan, Savage Town) and artist PJ Holden (2000 AD, Judge Dredd) James Bond: M is a 40-page one-shot delving into the backstory of Bond's superior, looking specifically at M's time in the field and his[...]
Generation X Reunions In ResurrXion
Art by Chris Bachalo Yesterday saw a new X-Position chat over at CBR, where the site gets to chat with Marvel, eXclusively, about the X-Men books. This particular instalment is part one in a chat with the X-Editors, Mark Paniccia, Daniel Ketchum and Christina Harrinton, about what we can expect in the upcoming ResurrXion of the line,[...]
Comic Books – Immigrants Are Welcome Here
Art by Adam Hughes Writer Greg Pak has raised an excellent point on twitter in response to the #MuslimBan, the controversial Executive Order from President Donald Trump that bans immigration from seven countries of largely Muslim population The ban is affecting refugees from war-torn regions, ideological or social refugees who would face recriminations and death in[...]