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Mario Tennis Aces is getting a new free update for June.
Mario Tennis Aces players are getting a free update this month in the form of the June Online Tournament patch It's now available in-game, and it's bringing a number of free goodies to tennis fanatics that can be earned by way of Participation Points. This update includes bonuses like colored Spike Headbands, which will run you[...]
Mario Tennis Aces
Mario Tennis Aces has been out for over a year, but Nintendo has decided they're going to let you play the game for free on Nintendo Switch The game was one of the more popular summer titles last year as you had a tennis game with a narrative and some awesome multiplayer But Nintendo would[...]
Fire Piranha Plant Will Soon Be Coming to Mario Tennis Aces
Nintendo will be adding a new DLC character into Mario Tennis Aces as the Fire Piranha Plant will be joining the roster in June The random bane of everyone's existence since Super Mario Bros 3, the new Technical character will be available to be won int he game from June 1st-30th, and then available for[...]
Nintendo Offers Discounts on Mario Games for Mario Day
The five games being offered up are Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario Party, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Mario Tennis Aces, and New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe. credit//Nintendo Between March 10th-16th, all of those games will be sold in participating retail stores and on the eShop for only $40, taking $20 off the usual price However, if[...]
Luma Has Now Been Added to Mario Tennis Aces
If you've been looking for a more technical character in Mario Tennis Aces, you're about to get your wish as Luma will be added in January All you have to do to get the little star buddy on your roster is win an online tournament between January 1st-31st, just like all the other characters they've introduced[...]
マリオテニス エース 新キャラ参戦決定!(チコ/ブンブン/ポリーン)
In case you've been clamoring for new characters in Mario Tennis Aces, Nintendo has got you covered when three new characters will join in 2019 A brand new trailer popped up this week in Japan featuring the latest round of characters with Luma, Pauline, and Boom Boom For those who aren't aware, Luma is the[...]
Birdo is the Next Character to Join Mario Tennis Aces
The next DLC character making their way into Mario Tennis Aces from Nintendo will be Birdo, but you'll need to unlock her to play as her in the game While the DLC is absolutely free, Nintendo wasn't just going to throw in a free character without making you work for it, and the way they've[...]
Nintendo Details the Updates to Splatoon 2 and Mario Tennis Aces
Credit// Nintendo As part of the massive Nintendo Direct presentation today, the company detailed the version updates coming to both Splatoon 2 and Mario Tennis Aces Several updates will be rolling out soon as free updates for both games, with both the Version 4 and 4.1 updates planned for Splatoon 2, while Mario Tennis Aces will be getting its version[...]
Walmart is Getting an Exclusive Mario Tennis Aces Switch Bundle
The bundle will include Mario Tennis Aces and 1-2-Switch alongside the Nintendo Switch console So if you haven't picked up a version of the hybrid console and you really want to play virtual tennis as your favorite Nintendo characters, this is a pretty solid deal. The bundle will retail for an MSRP of $359.99 USD, which gets you[...]
Mario Tennis Aces
In case you've already been hoping that Nintendo would expand the roster of Mario Tennis Aces, some good news came your way this week The company released a brand-new trailer for the game, which you can check out below, and near the end made three specific reveals of new characters that will be coming to[...]
Mario Tennis Aces
UK Chart Trackers have revealed that Nintendo's Mario Tennis Aces has flown up the ranks to take the number one spot on the board. credit//Nintendo Mario Tennis Aces by most accounts is a solid Mario Tennis game There are certainly concerns about the game's use of non-traditional tennis stables in the online mode, but other than that,[...]
Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases for June 19-25, 2018
Have a look through the list below, choose your games wisely, and as always; have fun! credit//NIS America June 19th Anima: Gate of Memories – Arcane Edition (Switch) Anima: Gate of Memories – The Nameless Chronicles (PC, PS4, Switch, XB1) Awkward (Switch) Haimrik (XB1) INK (Switch) MUSYNX (PS4, Switch, Vita) SculptrVR (PS4) The Lost Child (PS4, Switch, Vita) June 20th Grab the Bottle (Switch, XB1) June 21st Destiny's Princess:[...]
Mario Tennis Aces
While there's still more than a month between now and the release of Mario Tennis Aces on the Switch, Nintendo fans are pretty eager to get their fingers on the game ahead of time And while there isn't an official beta for the game, Nintendo has revealed the dates for an upcoming Tennis Aces tournament, which is[...]
Mario Tennis Aces
After word leaked out and the announcement became predictable from leaked images, the Nintendo Direct presentation finally showed off as much as they could of Mario Tennis Aces, set for a Nintendo Switch release on June 22nd We have the full details and video package below for you to enjoy, but considering how close we[...]
Mario Tennis Aces
Mario Tennis Aces release date has seemingly been outed a little early thanks to a listing at a Japanese retailer. We know we are in store for a Nintendo Direct a little later The announcement came yesterday that Nintendo would be holding a 30 minute presentation a little later tonight showing off some of the company's new[...]
Mario Tennis Aces
Nintendo has announced that a Nintendo Direct is on the way tomorrow, and Mario Tennis Aces will be a part of it. Nintendo Directs appear pretty frequently nowadays It seems every few weeks we are treated to another round of Nintendo news, often with the memory of the last still fresh The last was in January[...]
Mario Tennis Aces
Welcome to the scene, Mario Tennis Aces The tennis game, like all that come before it, will feature Mario and friends going at it for ultimate courtside supremacy What's more is that this is a brand new game It has nothing to do with the last, rather lukewarmly received Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. What's more is[...]