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Who Should I Power Up in Pokémon GO: Metagross
In this first installment, we will take a look Metagross. Metagross in Pokémon GO Credit: Niantic Pokémon: Metagross Typing: Steel/Psychic-type Dex entry: Metagross is the result of two Metang achieving fusion When hunting, this Pokémon pins the prey to the ground under its massive body It then eats the helpless victim using the large mouth on its stomach. Metagross is[...]
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite January 2021 Community Day Details
One of the most coveted moves from this era of Community Day glory is, of course, Meteor Mash on Metagross This Steel-type Charged Attack is vicious in its damage output, efficient in the way it charges, and highly useful in both raids and the GO Battle League A Metagross without Meteor Mash is nothing to[...]
Everything Pokémon GO Players Need to Know About Riolu
Let's take a deep dive into Metagross's possible moves in Pokémon GO and what this Steel/Psychic-type creature's best moveset is for raids and PVP. Metagross official artwork Credit: Pokémon Company International Metagross's available Fast Attacks in Pokémon GO include: Bullet Punch (Steel-type) Zen Headbutt (Psychic-type) Metagross's available Charged Attacks include: Earthquake (Ground-type) Flash Cannon (Steel-type) Psychic (No big shock here: Psychic-type) Meteor Mash (Steel-type) * Meteor[...]
Metagross Raid Guide: How To Counter the Steel Monster in Pokémon GO
While Psychic-types are currently ruling raids in Pokémon GO as a part of Ultra Unlock Week Two: Enigma Week, there is one dual-typed Pokémon that trainers might want to prepare for in Tier Four raids… Metagross, the best Steel-type attacker in the game Tier Four raids are for Pokémon that cannot be taken down by[...]
Which Pokémon To Use Elite Charged TMs On In Pokémon GO
Hydro Cannon was Swampert's Community Day move, so it can also be obtained by evolving a Mudkip up to Swamper on the December recap Community Day… but if you have a fully evolved, powered-up Swamper, the only way it can be added is with the Elite Charged TM. Metagross with Meteor Mash Ditto everything above about Swampert,[...]