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Over the past few years, we've tried out a few different microSD cards on the Nintendo Switch This time around, we experimented with a couple from PNY! As you know, the Switch, no matter what model, only comes with so much memory So in order to get a chunk of your library on whatever model[...]
PNY Reveals New XLR8 MicroSD For Nintendo Switch & Android
PNY has revealed a brand new microSD card specifically designed for gaming needs on Nintendo Switch and Android devices The new card is the XLR8, which will be part of their Gaming line of microSD Flash Memory Cards This specific model features V30 Video Speed and A2 App Performance, an upgrade to many of the[...]
Western Digital Releases An Apex Legends Nintendo Switch MicroSD
Western Digital has released a brand new microSD card for the Nintendo Switch centered around the release of Apex Legends for the console This themed memory card is offering you 128 GB of memory to help you play the game and deal with the jankiest of server issues with expanded storage, all to coincide with[...]
We Review The XPG 512GB MicrosSDXC Card On A Nintendo Switch
We didn't quite get it for the holidays, but one of the awesome little gems we did receive for review recently was the XPG 512GB MicroSDXC Card We specifically asked for this one because with the growing number of games coming out on the Nintendo Switch, you need a boost to the limited memory on[...]
Review: SanDisk's Extreme and Ultra MicroSD Cards
The only way to increase the memory in your device is to use the microSD slot behind the kickstand that props it up But most people don't own a microSD with memory over 128GB at best If you're a hardcore gamer and need the space, you need something with bigger storage capacity We got to[...]