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"The Masked Singer" Previews Season 3 Super Bowl Premiere [VIDEO]

Bleeding Cool's resident expert Tiffany Tchobanian has been doing a great job tracking FOX's recent season of The Masked Singer, offering her wisdom when it comes to what to expect (with her thoughts on season finale "Road to the Finals / And The Winner Takes It All and Takes It Off" coming soon). Now she […]

"The Mandalorian": Disney+ Blasts Out Sneak Preview During "MNF" [VIDEO]

While the new service is expected to have 10 original series on launch, all eyes are on the first live-action Star Wars television/streaming series, Jon Favreau's The Mandalorian.With only hours to go before its premiere, the streaming service engaged in a little "corporate synergy" by blasting out some time during tonight's NFL Monday Night Football[...]

Funko Announces More NFL Pops That Are Ready For Kickoff

Funko Announces More NFL Pops That Are Ready for Kickoff!

Sports fans and collectors can now add more Funko Pops to their collections! 23 new NFL Pops were announced with this new wave which is a massive wave for any Funko Pop series The most interesting thing about this newest wave is the Superbowl winner Funko Pops, we get Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and Russell Wilson[...]

NFL SuperPro: Marvel and ESPN Homage Classic Comic Covers for Draft

NFL SuperPro: Marvel and ESPN Homage Classic Comic Covers for Football Players

Marvel posted the covers on their website, though they originally debuted on television back in April for the NFL draft But hey, maybe you've had too many concussions and you can't remember that far back.Check out the covers below, alongside their classic counterparts. The unmistakable mighty Marvel style has come to the NFL!ESPN and Marvel Comics[...]

We Get A Preview Of Additions Coming To "Madden NFL 20" At EA Play

We Get A Preview Of Additions Coming To "Madden NFL 20" At EA Play

During EA Play's livestream today, we got a look at the features coming to Madden NFL 20, including some gameplay footage of what's to come.[caption id="attachment_1044090" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//EA Sports[/caption]The first feature, the game will allow you to create a QB from scratch and go through the college system from one of 10 top-tier schools,[...]

Funko Pokemon Charmander

Funko Round-Up: NFL Pez, Mr. Bean, Pokemon, and the New Funko App!

Bean Pops, tons of NFL Pop Pez, the newest addition to the Pokemon Pops, and the big update to the Funko mobile app have made news this week, so let's dig in!First up: have you downloaded/updated your Funko app yet? They have combined with Stashpedia to relaunch the Funko app as the most complete catalog[...]

BREAKING: New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Facing Prostitution Bust Charges

The 77-year-old NFL team owner then attended the NBA All-Star Game in North Carolina The legal entaglement comes shortly after his New England Patriots won Super Bowl LIII earlier this month in Atlanta Over the course of the quarter-century that Kraft's owned the team, the Patriots have won six Super Bowls.Earlier this week, Martin County Sheriff William[...]

It's Always Sunny in Atlanta: The Bleeding Cool Gang Fixes The Super Bowl

Welcome to the 37th hour of the Doritos-KFC-Pepto Bismal Super Bowl LIII Pre-Game Show, brought to you by two of 2019's most highly-anticpated films: Dumbo and Pet Sematary..." While it would be sooooooo easy to sharpen our carving knives on the NFL on this, their holiest of holy days, the folks here at Bleeding Cool aren't[...]

'Hanna' Pilot to Screen for Amazon Prime Members Post-Super Bowl; Premieres March

Two simple questions have haunted the teasers for Amazon Prime's series adaptation of Joe Wright‘s 2011 movie Hanna: "Who stole Hanna?" and "Why?" Starting this March, viewers are going to start getting some answers when the series premieres - but Prime members only have to wait until after this Sunday's NFL Super Bowl LIII to get a first-look: the[...]

Madden NFL 19 Removed Kareem Hunt After Assaulting a Woman

Shortly after the news came out that Kareem Hunt was released from the Kansas City Chiefs for assaulting a woman, Madden NFL 19 followed suit If you're not familiar with the story, Hunt was a running back for the Kansas City Chiefs, and we say was because he was suspended and then cut from the[...]

2019 NFL Draft: ABC Airing All Days; Two Nights Original Primetime Coverage

The combination of making the game look prettier, giving fans different ways to watch, the growth of fantasy football, and more states looking to legalize gambling created a "perfect storm" for the National Football League (NFL) Over the past twenty years, the NFL's growth is nearly unprecedented - and with that growth came a lot[...]

Cutting the Fat: Holiday TV Episodes Too Hard to Swallow

The holidays are a time to relax, eat rich foods until you feel slightly ill, and nap on the couch in between watching special episodes of your favorite television shows. With the magic of streaming, we are no longer limited to just this year's holiday specials. However… Not all holiday specials are created equal. In […]