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Dragon Warrior - Unopened NES Copy Auctioning At Heritage Auction
Heritage Auctions, an auction house based in Dallas, Texas, that deals mainly in auction lots and listings primarily pertaining to comics, video games, trading cards, and other items of a similarly collectible nature has put a rare, graded copy of Dragon Warrior, the anglicized version of the first game in the Dragon Quest franchise, up[...]
Dragon Warrior For NES Up On The Auction Block At ComicConnect
ComicConnect, a premier collectibles marketplace and online auction house based in New York, NY, has put a rare, WATA 8.0 A+ graded copy of Dragon Warrior for the Nintendo Entertainment System up for auction! This vintage NES game is one of the first of its genre, boasting an impressive story and (at the time) extremely[...]
Graded Copy Of Dragon Warrior For NES Auctioning At Comic Connect
In any case, the fact of the matter is that the franchise that is Dragon Quest, also known briefly as Dragon Warrior outside of Japan, is remarkably popular. ComicConnect, an auction site based in New York City, New York, has put a rare graded copy of the very first Dragon Warrior game for the Nintendo Entertainment System[...]
WATA 7.5-Graded Dragon Warrior Game On Auction At ComicConnect
Dragon Quest fans and retro gamers rejoice! A WATA 7.5-graded copy of the original Dragon Warrior game for the Nintendo Entertainment System has reached the auction block on ComicConnect's website You can find it by clicking here! This auction ends on August 24th at 9:50 PM Eastern time With design by Yuji Horii, artwork by Akira[...]
Someone Found Footage Of Sunsoft's "The Terminator" NES Game
One of the best video games we never got (or was it) was a Nintendo Entertainment System version of The Terminator by Sunsoft When you talk about an NES version of The Terminator, most think of the 1992 game developed by Radical Entertainment and published by Mindscape and Bethesda Softworks And the general consensus is[...]
A Sealed Copy of Super Mario Bros. Sells For Over $100k
for the Nintendo Entertainment System sold for $100,150 this week A group of collectors got together on February 6th and plunked down the cash to purchase what is basically an untouched version still in plastic and sealed away in a case. The buyers include Jim Halperin, Founder and Co-Chairman of Heritage Auctions; Zac Gieg, owner of Just Press Play[...]
Opinion: SimCity on NES Was a Lost Opportunity
SimCity is one of the most revolutionary titles in video game history with 36 different ports across PC platforms and home consoles, yet one platform mysteriously missing is the Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom Home Computer. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: SimCity NES Unreleased Prototype Gameplay ( Will Wright created the original city-building game in 1989[...]
Someone Turned Nintendo's NES Into a Playable Guitar
Probably one of the coolest creations you'll see all year (for what's left of it), someone turned a Nintendo NES into a fully functional guitar/console. Rob Scallon posted on his YouTube channel a short video of this fully functional guitar made from an original Nintendo Entertainment System console (created by Randy Garcia), which is also a fully-functional[...]
Nintendo Reveals New NES Additions to Nintendo Switch Online
Hopefully, they'll decide to add more once the chargeable controllers become available during the holidays. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online – Overview Trailer ( Today, Nintendo released a brand new teaser video showing off the remaining NES games coming to Nintendo Switch Online for 2018[...]
In The Dumbest Move Ever, Nintendo Is Canceling The NES Classic Edition
Below is a statement that a Nintendo representative gave IGN. "Throughout April, NOA territories will receive the last shipments of Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition systems for this year We encourage anyone interested in obtaining this system to check with retail outlets regarding availability … We understand that it has been difficult for many consumers to[...]