Pop Culture Hounding Ken Kristensen And Ryan Estrada

[audio:] Chris Thompson writes; Marvel Now! ends on a high (at least for us) with Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie's Young Avengers #1, and Sam Humphries & Ron Garney's Uncanny X-Force #1. If that's not enough, we also have TWO big interviews for you to enjoy … First up, I talk with Ken Kristensen, writer/co-creator […]

Amazing Spider-Man 700 Gets A Second Printing, 698 Gets A Third

Mike Deodato is drawing the cover to the Amazing Spider-Man #700 second print, while Paolo Rivera is drawing the cover to the third print of Amazing Spider-Man #698. But they are just the two most prominent titles of a bunch of Marvel books getting new printings. For their second prints, Thunderbolts #2 gets a Dillon […]

Marvel Now Dominates Advance Reorders And Relegates DC

Another look at the week's advance reorders, the front line of the retail war on comics, with retailers desperately trying to up their orders on certain products before they come out as the public suddenly decide that, actually, they want this comic after all. The chart overrepresents second prints and variants, as this can be […]

Pop Culture Hounding Marvel NOW! and Ryan Ferrier

Chris Thompson writes for Bleeding Cool… just before he heads off to Malta! [audio:] Taylor and I have mixed views about this week's Marvel Now! books, and find we don't see eye-to-eye with Daniel Way's Thunderbolts #1 or Jonathan Hickman's much-anticipated Avengers #1. Taylor also chats with Ryan Ferrier (Tiger Lawyer and Challenger Comics) about […]

A Comic Show – Avengers #1 Gangnam Style

[youtube][/youtube] Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop of Orlando, Florida writes; Hey Fandom! Today has the biggest Marvel Now books yet: Hickman's Avengers #1! It's big, a huge team, and cosmic threat, and bi-weekly shipping! Thunderbolts is Marvel's Expendables, Deadpool beats off Tricky Dick, and All New X-Men continues to impress me! Young naive Cyclops […]

Four New Skottie Young Baby Covers For Marvel NOW!

Four Skottie Young Baby Variant covers for new Marvel NOW #1 books, and the hoops retailers must jump through to get them! Retailers can order copies if on the following titles… Captain America #1 – Exceed 125% of orders for AVX Vs #3 on the standard cover. FF #1 – Exceed orders for AVX Vs […]

Would You Pay $50 To Read Captain America #1 Right Now?

At the retailer breakfast meeting at New York Comic Con, attending retailers received a number of premium incentive items that made their visit well worthwhile. And naturally they've turned up on eBay. But one of them, Captain America #1 from the Marvel relaunch was still a month away from publication. They were on sale at […]

Uncanny Avengers #1 Will NOT Beat Walking Dead #100

We won't know the figures for another month. But I'm told from good sources that, against expectations, Uncanny Avengers #1 did not actually beat the sales figures for Walking Dead #100. At one point it was looking that way, based on early orders from certain big stores. But overall, now that shop orders across the […]

Marvel Now Point One Puts On The Orders

In anticipation of the release of Marvel Point One #1, and all the increased advertising, retailers seem to be picking up last minute orders. The zero issues of Justice League and Catwoman seem to have encouraged retailers to order a lot more of the next issue, Hawkeye looks set to make for a third issue […]

Checking That Marvel NOW! Checklist

So we knew it would be called Marvel NOW! That we would have Captain America by Rememder and JrJr, Iron Man by Gillen and Land and an X-Men book by Bendis and Immonen. Some we got half or two-thirds right, such as Uncanny Avengers by Rick Remender… but John Cassiday was the artist, not Jerome […]

Marvel's Creator List For Marvel NOW! Point One

Here is your biggest clue to who, when, why and what will be writing drawing upcoming Marvel NOW! books, with the Marvel NOW! Point One comic which, like the Point One #1 book will feature short stories by creators on the chracters they'l be working on. So we have "BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS, MATT FRACTION, JEPH […]