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Oakland Raiders Aldon Smith
The Oakland Raiders used to have a reputation for being the bad boys of football If you have a player who was too dirty or who partied too much, the odds were he'd end up on the Raiders Former Denver Broncos linebacker Bill Romanowski got a reputation for being a dirty player including using his[...]
NFL Draft Preview – AFC West
Plus the team needs to figure out what they're doing with Tre Boston and get him signed or they'll need to find a new safety. OAKLAND RAIDERS – The focus for this years draft will likely be the defensive side of the ball, though the Raiders might want to pick up a left tackle to develop[...]
Oakland Raiders Aldon Smith
Aldon Smith, once the 7th player drafted in the 2011 draft by the San Francisco 49ers, was cut earlier this week by the Oakland Raiders after an arrest warrant was issued Monday stemming from charges of domestic violence, assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury, false imprisonment, and vandalism Smith turned himself in[...]
Oakland Raiders Aldon Smith
For a long time, the Oakland Raiders were one of the best teams in the NFL Multiple Super Bowl wins, constantly in the playoffs, and owned by one of the most unique men in the league, Al Davis But they were also one of the most polarizing teams — fans either loved them or hated[...]
Jon Gruden
The Oakland Raiders really want Jon Gruden to come home According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the team is offering him one of the longest coaching deals in NFL History The deal is said to be for 10 years and worth close to $100 million when it's made official on Tuesday This has only happened twice[...]
Marshawn Lynch
Marshawn Lynch, running back for the Oakland Raiders, has been suspended one game without pay after he made contact with an official in the second quarter of the Thursday night match up against the Kansas City Chiefs On a poorly designed run play, Quarterback Derrick Carr was hit late by Cornerback Marcus Peters and received[...]
Oakland Raiders Aldon Smith
This is an interesting division in that two teams are really high while one seems to be in freefall and the other can't seem to get out of their own way and are hoping a change of venue might help. Oakland Raiders – The Raiders did the unexpected They found their offensive and defensive leaders in[...]
Marshawn Lynch Back In Action At Oakland OTAs
It was big news when the Oakland Raiders signed 31-year old Marshawn Lynch to a contract Lynch, also known as Beast Mode, sat out last season was believed to be done with football And 31 is considered past prime for a running back, especially one that got as many carries as Lynch has in his[...]
At some point they will have to look to the future. Oakland Raiders: Like with the Bengals, this draft for the Raiders comes down to Gareon Conley Considered a top ten talent, he fell to the team at pick 24 But Conley has been accused of rape and the investigation is still underway No charges have[...]
Needs Around The League – AFC West
They need a playmaker and at 7 there should be one to pick. OAKLAND RAIDERS 2016 Record: 12-4 First PIck: #24 Needs: Defensive Tackle, Cornerback, Linebacker, Running Back, Defensive End Analysis: Oakland… or Vegas… overachieved a bit last year but with a few key additions the team could make it a regular thing If Carr comes back fully healthy, then[...]
Madden 17 Glitch Causes Spectacular Pick Six
Everything from the classic Pittsburgh Steelers vs Oakland Raiders Super Bowl play nicknamed the Immaculate Reception to Brett Farve throwing the ball, having it bounce off of a lineman's arms and back to Farve But you don't expect that kind of thing in a video game Seems Madden 17 has a small glitch that allowed[...]