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Perp Games has announced the new release dates for Unbound: Worlds Apart as the game will come out on Xbox and PlayStation in 2022 The game is already out on PC but the release dates for console have kinda been up in the air This week those dates got defined as we now know it[...]
PSVR Title Ghost Giant will Launch Sometime this Spring
credit// Zoink Games Zoink Games and Perp Games revealed their PSVR title Ghost Giant at E3 this past year and it's now time for the game to launch. Ghost Giant will hit the physical and digital shelves this spring. Developed by the same minds that gave us Stick it to the Man, Fe, and Flipping Death, Ghost Giant is a puzzle adventure that[...]
Perp Games Announces Deluxe Edition of The Station Coming to Consoles
Over the weekend, Perp Games made the announcement that The Station would be coming to both Xbox One and PS4 in a Deluxe Edition According to the devs, both versions will include all the DLC and bonus content that came to the game, but the PS4 version will come with a VR update so you[...]