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HouseBroken Season 1 Finale Review: The Slow Loris Goes Full Rambo

As usual, a heads up for anyone still needing to watch this episode of FOX's HouseBroken, plenty of spoilers ahead. First off, I fell in love with The Racoon starting off the second part of this two-part finale. His break of the fourth wall when speaking to the audience by a cozy fireplace had me right away.

HouseBroken Season 1 Finale Review:
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The examination of how Honey would interact with the freedoms presented to her alongside Armando versus Chief's reactions is what made this HouseBroken episode a great end to the first season. Those scenes next to the therapy group gathering together to go find them both, after Honey went off to find Chief, helped me care for the characters I had come to cherish over the past ten episodes. Also, the insanity that is Tchotchke, the slow loris with only facial expressions to give, saddling up like a tiny Rambo with nails to throw like daggers was some of the funniest sh*t I've seen lately on TV. The weird relationship he and the Racoon share is also something amazing and perfect for this show.

The side stories on HouseBroken only add on from the previous episode, nothing from them takes away from the bigger portion of the finale, which is great. Shel and Darla may have had a brush with death, but they're still as weirdly sexual as ever. The same well-done wrap-ups of other stories like Chico's and Elsa's gave more support without overstaying their welcome on the screen. Towards the end, we see the therapy group connect to their leader, to Honey, and help her face the lack of transparency she has with them about things like Armando. We see the extent that talking out feelings can have beyond one group when it becomes applicable to the wild coyotes. A fun part of this season finale of HouseBroken is the more equal mix between serious storytelling moments and good comedic dialogue alongside the animation. Based on this second part to the season finale, this series

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HouseBroken Season 1 Episode 11 "Who's a Bad Girl? (Part 2)"

HouseBroken Season 1 Finale Review:
Review by Brittney Bender

The ending to the first season of HouseBroken did a good job at wrapping up loose ends for side stories while maintaining the humor and heart of its' characters.


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