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Sony Shows Off New Riverbond Trailer During State Of Play

Sony Shows Off New Riverbond Trailer During State Of Play

During today's State Of Play video, Sony showed off a new video of Cococucumber's Riverbond coming to the PS4 this summer. The game is a dungeon crawler that looks like a far prettier version of Minecraft, featuring solo adventuring, as well as drop-in/drop-out four-player local co-op where players "embark on a heroic campaign to rid […]


PlayStation Network Name Changes Are Finally Coming

Sony has announced that players will be able to change their PlayStation Network name very soon. Some thought this day would never come. The ask for PlayStation Network name changes has followed Sony's consoles since the PlayStation 3 era. That's a long time for players to be attached to their online monikers, many going from […]

The Latest PlayStation 4 Firmware Update Is Just Maintenance, Nothing More

Those of you hoping for something awesome or sexy in today's firmware update that hit the PS4 will be slightly disappointed. The notes posted this morning show that the firmware update focuses on allowing you to view match results for each player in tournaments, and it also "improves system performance." That's it. We were hoping to […]

Sony's E3 Conference Outlined For June 13th

E3 is less than a month away (!), and everyone is slowly lining up all their ducks in a row. We are getting announcement of conferences and games all over, meaning it is all so very close. Sony have now laid their chips down and have announced that their conference will be taking place in  […]

E3: Final Fantasy 7 Remaster Confirmed For PlayStation 4

A remaster of Final Fantasy 7 has been long asked for by fans. It's the game in the franchise that's most iconic, but it is so dated now in its presentation, that for new players it can be hard to go back to. Square Enix finally delivered though, giving us a new remaster version of […]