Glenn Fabry and Mike Baron's Rotgut, Coming From Dark Horse Comics

I bumped into Glenn Fabry at Portsmouth Comic Con on Sunday. He wasn't a guest, but since it was an hour up the road from his home town of Brighton, he thought he'd pop up to see a few mates, especially as Liam Sharp had flown in for the show. We got chatting about his […]

Liam Sharp's Schedules and Plans For Two Years of The Green Lantern

I got the chance to catch up with Liam Sharp yesterday, as he was attending Portsmouth Comic Con for the weekend – and visiting with his parents. He has been blowing the readers away with his run on The Green Lantern with Grant Morrison from DC Comics. And so I got some clarification on how […]

Steve Englehart Releases Unpublished Batman: Dark Detective Vol 3 With Marshall Rogers

Legendary comic book writer Steve Englehart, co-creator of everyone from Star-Lord to Mantis to Night Man, worked with the late Marshall Rogers and Terry Austin on Detective Comics #469-#476 beginning in 1977 for a run which would be later dubbed Dark Detective, and significant elements of which turned up in the Batman movie and cartoons. […]

A New Image Comic From Chris Condon and Jake Phillips

Christopher Condon is a filmmaker, whose work includes the film Last Night In Prague. He recently wrote, I have been largely silent of late and for that, you have my apologies. But things seem to be happening and thus, I have been busy. Recently, I have been working on scripts for a comic book adaptation […]

From One Side Of Portsmouth Comic Con To The Other 2019 (Video)

From One Side Of Portsmouth Comic Con To The Other 2019 (Video)

Here it is, your old favourite jiggly video, from one side of Portsmouth Comic Con to the other, 2019 edition. I popped down for the Sunday which, I am told, was much quieter than the Saturday, but which handily gave me a little more space to walk around and talk to people. Held in the […]

The Daily LITG, 5th May 2019 – Portsmouth Bound

It's Free Comic Book Day today. You can catch up with all our FCBD 2019 stories, previews and spoilers right here. And a big welcome to the mostly-daily Lying In The Gutters. You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. And let's take a look at what else is happening today – […]