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Peter Facinelli's Protocol Orphans In The Works At Fox
The comic book to TV pipeline is still flowing strong as Fox has begun developing a new series based on the Boom! Studios graphic novel Protocol Orphans created by actor Peter Facinelli The TV adaptation will be written by Amanda Segel (Person Of Interest) The comic series was written by Michael Alan Nelson and drawn[...]
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A little less so in Protocol Orphans #4. And they just don't respect the tech in Regular Show #4 either. Memory Collectors #3 turns into a fortune cookie. Transformers: Robots in Disguise #26 there Jiggety jog. Robocop: Live And Die In Detroit What is it with Robocop and shooting folks in the penis? It's like he's obsessed And yes,[...]
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Anyone fancy ordering takeout instead? Okay, sorry Talon from Forever Evil: Asylum, I couldn't manage a whole institute, an asylum or, say, an orphanage. Okay, that's some tough love in Protocol Orphans there Is that love? Or is it something else? From Robocop Last Stand I remember love and war as well I hope his computer brain can[...]
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I say, and a few xenophobic ones as well. And Protocol Orphans #2 is always on hand to show us us how food can say so much. Aw man, thanks for that Drumhellar #2, you totally put me off my food. Exactly, just like that, GI Joe #11 But come on, enough is enough It's just a waste! The[...]