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Geiger, Redcoat and Rook Exodus get their fifth issues in Ghost Machine's listings, part of Image Comics' August 2024 solicits and solicitations, from Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Bryan Hitch and Jason Fabok Will they be joined by all the others, come September? Expect plenty of San Diego Comic-Con related action in July. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item[...]
It features the return of long-lived android Junkyard Joe, his first appearance in the ongoing Geiger series and picks up on his (and Redcoat's) last-page cameo in Geiger Ground Zero #2 Which looked like this. And this is how it gets picked up in Geiger #3, out for the 12th of June, back in the Vietnam[...]
Benedict Arnold and Albert Einstein in Redcoat #2 (Spoilers)
In Ghost Machine #1 we got our first look at some of the Redcoat characters in the new series created by Geoff Johns and Bryan Hitch At the time, I wrote, "Bryan Hitch is getting to learn all about Redcoats from Geoff Johns.  Seriously, we Brits don't know any of that stuff; we're more likely to learn[...]
Ghost Machine
Dan DiDio may not have been able to get his timeline established, but Geoff Johns has with his. Though Redcoat guy Geoff Johns and Bryan Hitch gives us some very imortant dates to add to this timeline from 1976, his immortality and, of course the decleration of independence, a date I only know from Hamilton More[...]
DC Comics Turned Down A New Bryan Hitch Authority Series Last Year
Recently, Bryan Hitch launched new work for Ghost Machine, the creator-owned-and-shared imprint at Image Comics with his series Redcoat written by Geoff Johns, as well as Ultimate Universe with Jonathan Hickman at Marvel and The Last Days Of Lex Luthor with Mark Waid at DC Comics But, with Ghost Machine Day approaching on the 1st[...]
Ghost Machine
Geiger, Redcoat and Rook: Exodus Expect more for July which will be San Diego Comic-Con month. GEIGER #3 (2024) CVR A GARY FRANK & BRAD ANDERSON (W) Geoff Johns (A/CA) Gary Frank, Brad Anderson Tariq Geiger surrounds himself with some dangerous friends His two-headed wolf Barney bears the trauma of the fateful night that Geiger found him[...]
Image Comics May 2024 Solicits
The creator owned shared universe of Ghost Machine has no launches in Image Comics' May 2024 solicits and solicitations, but has second issues for Geiger, Redcoat and Rook: Exodus. GEIGER #2 32 PAGES FULL COLOR $3.99 US T+ TEEN PLUS (AGES 16+) ON SALE MAY 8 STORY GEOFF JOHNS ART | COVER A GARY FRANK, BRAD ANDERSON COVER B, COVER[...]
First Look At Bryan Hitch and Geoff Johns' Redcoat
Redcoat is a creator-owned series by Geoff Johns and Bryan Hitch spinning out of Geiger from Mad Ghost/Image Comics debuting in the upcoming Geiger 80-Page Special, described as "First, in an extra-sized lead story, Geoff Johns and Bryan Hitch introduce the mysterious man known as Redcoat and reveal his bizarre ties to the American Revolution, the Unknown War, and Geiger[...]
Mark Waid/Bryan Hitch/Kevin Nowlan Black Label Superman From DC Comics
Venom in October, the introduction to Redcoat in November, Superman Black Label next year with Mark Waid inked by Kevin Nowlan (yeah, spoilers), Redcoat series and something truly massive I'm not even mentioning But it's HUGE Yeah, I've been busy this year Each new project from Venom onwards is more challenging and exciting than anything[...]
Bryan Hitch and Geoff Johns' Redcoat, From Image Comics
But that's not enough for Bryan Hitch, he has a new series with Geoff Johns called Redcoat, with a debut in this November's Geiger 80-Page Giant #1, with Hitch tweeting "REDCOAT by Geoff Johns and me Official." First, in an extra-sized lead story, Geoff Johns and Bryan Hitch introduce the mysterious man known as Redcoat and[...]