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The Walking Dead cast members reunited for a good cause. (Image; screencap)
(Image; screencap) Our biggest takeaways from the event (and here's hoping they release it because it was loads of fun to see how great they all still interact) included how easily Brown will throw points Morgan's way, that Morgan got so into it that he broke out into a sweat, that Martin-Green can pull off a[...]
The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln previews his turn as Scrooge in Old Vic's A Christmas Carol (Image: Old Vic)
We bought into the whole idea that there would be some kind of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) "presence" during the season finale of AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond Did we think he would physically show? No, but we thought maybe a file with his picture in it… some kind of verbal cue from one[...]
The Walking Dead universe fans have some updates from Scott M. Gimple (Images: AMC)
Gimple is opening up about the future of the franchise in a recent interview– here are just some of the highlights: Andrew Lincoln taken by CRM on The Walking Dead (Image: CRM) Sorry, Rick Grimes fans We may be learning more about CRM in the second season of TWD: WB and thus more about his potential situation-[...]
The Walking Dead: World Beyond season finale teasing Rick Grimes? (Image: AMC)
Did our ears deceive us, was Hal Cumpston playing a joke, or is Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes a factor in next Sunday's two-episode, two-hour season finale of The Walking Dead: World Beyond? During the two-show edition of the Chris Hardwick-hosted Talking Dead, Cumpston was a guest alongside Aliyah Royale and Annet Mahendru when the three were[...]
A look at Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead (Image: AMC Networks)
It's the series that has CRM front-and-center, after having already given viewers a preview of what they're all about with Al (Maggie Grace) on Fear the Walking Dead and especially with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln)- who they scooped up and flew away in a black helicopter (nothing spooky there). Andrew Lincoln taken by CRM on The[...]
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In the past, we've seen Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes showing up on Fear the Walking Dead and the mysterious para-military organization CRM making their deadly presence known on all three current series.  As far as Gimple's concerned, that won't be the last of the crossover elements In fact… "I will say, there's something we're working on[...]