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Fifteen Thoughts About Fifteen Comics – All New X-Men, Flash, Prophet, Fatale, RIPD, Before Watchmen (x2), All Star Western, My Little Pony, Superman, Teen Titans, A Plus X, FF, Lot 13 And Thor,
In Teen Titans, Scott Lobdell continues his journey into youthspeak. While Peter David makes mockery of the Marvel booth at San Diego this year in A Plus X. The RIPD looks like, well, the Natural History Museum in London, quite a bit What if the office in your afterlife looked like this? Superhero who lost his kid? Yeah,[...]
Getting RIPD With Jeremy Barlow
How do you feel your version is going to be different from the original? It's the same in that both stories exist within the cool world that Peter Lenkov created, and we follow some of the same characters, but where Peter and original series artist Lucas Maragnon introduced the Rest in Peace Department concept through their[...]