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iZombie Season 4, Episode 13 (Season Finale) Review: Liv Long and Prosper
The season finale rocked. That’s probably the best way for me to phrase it. I’ve been pleased and disappointed throughout the entire fourth season of the CW's iZombie - but mostly disappointed. The season finale turned out to be the epitome of perfection and embodied everything I've loved about series.
iZombie Season 4, Episode 12 Review: All You Need is Liv
Once again, another episode with way too many plots running around. Don’t think that I didn't enjoy the episode: between Liv getting kidnapped and Ravi finding the cure, I appreciated the creativity and story direction. But once again, the episode failed to answer serious questions from previous episodes.
The CW Ends Jane the Virgin, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and iZombie with Upcoming Seasons
The Gina Rodriguez-starring Jane the Virgin will end its run after five seasons, with Rachel Bloom's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Rob Thomas's iZombie closing their doors after their fourth and fifth seasons, respectively. While the announcement doesn't come as much of a surprise to both those affiliated directly the series or their fanbases, the network looks to be continuing its[...]
CW Renews iZombie: Rob Thomas Series Gets Season 5, More Brains
Credit: CW Looks like you can't keep a good – or bad- zombie down, especially now that the CW has renewed Rob Thomas' iZombie for a fifth season While the series was on the bubble for renewal – averaging a 0.25 rating in the Adult 18-49 demo, with 770,000 live viewers – the show's dedicated fanbase and[...]
The series is based on the comic by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred and was adapted for television by Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas Thomas showruns the series with Diane Ruggiero Wright. The series also stars Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohli, Robert Buckley, David Anders, and Aly Michalka New this season is The Walking Dead's Daniel Bonjour[...]
The Weekly Static: Extras! An iZombie Fan's Season 4 Thoughts
It sort of turns Seattle into this independent quasi-nuclear power: If zombies go flooding out of Seattle, they have the power to end the world, essentially." – Rob Thomas, Showrunner We're turning over this edition of The Weekly Static: Extras! to our good friend Margo Staten, who found herself binge-crushing the first three seasons of The[...]
The CW Orders Roswell Reboot, 5 Other Projects to Pilot
Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker will write and executive producer with Rob Thomas, Danielle Stokdyk, Dan Etheridge; Leslie Morgenstein, and Gina Girolamo The project is based on the Iva-Marie Palmer book of the same name. Entertainment Weekly Though the network had formally expressed interest in the project in October 2017, the CW has officially given a[...]
It's 'The End Of The World As We Know It', And The CW Feels Fine
In a move that's sure to result in an endless barrage of REM jokes (see above) and painfully overused "witty headlines" from television critics should the series turn out to be less than quality, The CW has has acquired comedy-drama The End Of The World As We Know It from executive producers/showrunners Justin Halpern and[...]
So what is iZombie Season 4 going to be like? Executive producer and series creator Rob Thomas told TVline about the first episode of the new season: "[It's a] story about corruption There are barely enough brains coming in to feed Seattle zombies There's a black market for brains Zombies are going hungry It gives us a[...]
'iZombie' Showrunner Is Confident He's Getting A Fourth Helping
That means there isn't a lot of wiggle room for filler episodes, and because of the quick pace, episode is important for story and character development. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Rob Thomas, who knows all about appealing to small but devoted fandoms through Veronica Mars, seems confident that his show is returning for a[...]
Optimistic iZombie Showrunner Says Rumors of Final Season Greatly Exaggerated
iZombie showrunner and Matchbox 20 vocalist Rob Thomas took to Twitter this morning to rebuke universally acclaimed TV news website Christian Today for their report that iZombie's upcoming third season could be its last Christian Today's logic used comments from Thomas saying Rose McIver's Liv would have a happier love life in Season 3 to conclude[...]
Improving Zombie Vision In Season 3 Of iZombie
The series, based on the DC / Vertigo comic by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred, is going into its third season of Liv Moore (Rose McIver) trying to solve crimes and keep the zombie apocalypse at bay. Executive producer Rob Thomas said that in the new season Ravi Chakrabarti (Rahul Kohli) will discover a recipe that will[...]
Matchbox 20's Rob Thomas To Appear On iZombie
I never watched Veronica Mars so my first introduction to the series creator Rob Thomas was when he adapted the Vertigo comic series iZombie for the CW When I saw his name, being a big Matchbox 20 fan, I wondered if the TV guy was also the lead singer of the band… nope And it turns[...]
Next iZombie Inspired By I Know What You Did Last Summer
Here she is joined by Rob Thomas as they talk about the upcoming episode. iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9 PM on the CW. [youtube][/youtube] The next episode of iZombie entitled Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat, is written by executive producer Diane Ruggiero-Wright and was "sort-of" inspired by the film I Know What You Did[...]
The Devil You Say? – Rob Thomas Talks iZombie, Astroburger
Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright talk about tonight's episode of iZombie, Astroburger The episode features Liv eating the brains of a schizophrenic who hears multiple voices Also there is a rumor of a video tape showing zombies and Liv's favorite prostitute-hiring weatherman may know where it is. iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9 PM on the CW. [youtube][/youtube] [...]
Tonight's iZombie – Lying Boyfriends, Army Snipers And A Veronica Mars Guest
We have an inside look at tonight's new episode of iZombie with the shows executive producers Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright In Patriot Brains, Liv Moore eats the brains of an ex-army sniper who suffered from PTSD She also discovers that her boyfriend Lowell is getting his brains from Blaine And for fans of Veronica[...]
iZombie Gets A Second Season
She moves from a high profile internship to working in the morgue and helping the police solve crimes by seeing flashes of what the murder victims saw when she eats their brains. The series was adapted by Veronica Mars' Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright and co-stars Rahul Kohli and Malcolm Goodwin. The CW has renewed another series,[...]
Over Analyze This – Liv Eats The Brains Of A Relationship Expert
Below we have a preview for the episode as well as a behind the scenes with executive producers Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright about how the urge to analyze may lead to Liv screwing up her relationships. iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9 PM on the CW. [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [...]
iMommy? Liv's Maternal Instincts Come Out In Latest iZombie Clip
Below we have the trailer for the episode, a clip and a behind-the scenes with executive producers Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright. iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9 PM on the CW. [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] One of the fun things about the CW's hit series iZombie is the different personality traits that Liv Moore picks up when she eats someone's[...]
Inside iZombie – Virtual Reality Bites
In this latest look inside the episode, executive prodcuers Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright talk about Virtual Reality Bites Liv Moore (Rose McIver) eats the brains of an agoraphobic gamer to find out who decided to kill him in real life. One of the unique aspects of the series is how each week Liv takes on the[...]
"Just Because I'm Paranoid…" – A Look At iZombie: Live And Let Clive
Executive producers Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright are back to talk about the iZombie episode, Live And Let Clive In the upcoming episode, when Liv Moore (Rose McIver) eats the brain of an Asian gang member, she sees a vision of Detective Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) beating a witness… which throws their new working relationship[...]
Two's Company, Three's A Horde – Rob Thomas Talks iZombie
The CW continues to release behind-the-scenes videos for their shows and iZombie is no different, here we have executive producers Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright talking about the next episode The Exterminator Liv Moore eats the brain of a hitman and becomes a bit anti-social just as they discover the first classic looking zombie who[...]
iZombie's Rob Thomas Explains The Difference Between The Series And The Comic
iZombie executive producer and showrunner Rob Thomas (creator of Veronica Mars) chatted with DC All-Access' Tiffany Smith about his adaptation of the Vertigo comic series by Chris Roberson and Mike Allred In the interview Thomas explains how things are different between the two versions and why Seems he prefers his zombies to originate from faux-science rather than[...]
CW Releases iZombie Trailer Called "Keep Alive"
The show is executive produced by Rob Thomas of Veronica Mars fame. iZombie premieres on March 17th on the CW. [youtube][/youtube] The CW's latest comic book based series is coming soon iZombie stars Rose McIver (Masters of Sex) as Olivia 'Liv' Moore, an over-achieving medical resident who attended a party one night and got bit by a[...]
Rob Thomas' iZombie CW Pilot Gets A Cop, A Best Friend And A Villain
There's no titular iZombie just yet, but Rob Thomas and The CW have found a trio of actors to star in their pilot based on the Vertigo comics Deadline reports Malcolm Goodwin, David Anders and Alexandra Krosney are the first to join the cast. The show will center around Liv, a med student who takes a[...]