RPG Maker Fes

North America Can Now Download 'RPG Maker Fes' DLC

If you've been playing RPG Maker Fes here in the states, chances are you're probably a little mad that Japan and Europe have access to content and you're still working with whatever assets came with the original game. Kind of harder for European players to get them as they have to go through a three […]

Nintendo Reveal A Large List Of Games Coming For The 3DS

This morning, Nintendo shot out a press release hyping all the games coming out for the 3DS, as well as promoting the 2DS XL, which is set to be released on July 28. Some of the fun additions to the mix are of course Metroid: Samus Returns, Monster Hunter Stories, RPG Maker Fes and a new Mario […]

'RPG Maker Fes' & 'Ys Vlll' Among NIS America's Big Announcements

NIS America dropped a ton of updates last night, including new title announcements and release dates. We won't bore you with an entire recount of the press conference, and instead, get right to the awesome parts you want to know about. First up, Ys Vlll: Lacrimosa of DANA will be coming in the fall for PS4, PS […]