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Savage Crucible Count Down - Our Top Figures of the Hit Kickstarter
A new world awaits collectors as the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign of Savage Crucible is underway This new line of figures unleashes new 7" tall creatures and warriors, all with their own motives and story Three waves of figures currently consist of Savage Crucible with lizard-like Lemurians, the human Barbarians, and the aquatic Pirahnoid These figures[...]
Savage Crucible Unleashes Some Heat on with New Kickstarter Project
However, a new power is rising as Savage Crucible is here with a truly incredible set of figures The Kickstarter project consists of three waves of release with plenty of figures and accessories packs for Reptiles, Barbarians, and Aquatics Savage Crucible has surprised its original goal by over 300%, and it is still going, nearing[...]
Savage Crucible Keeps the Unlocks Rolling with New Stretch Goals 
One of the next best Kickstarter toy campaigns is currently live and going strong with the impressive Savage Crucible from Harvinger Studios Inc This line of animalistic humanoid creatures is going to war for island supremacy and is getting a whole wave of figures for it Three waves of figures have been unlocked with Dinos[...]
Savage Crucible Wave 3 Unlocks Rise from the Depths for Kickstarter 
War rages on in the World of Savage Crucible, with (currently) three factions going toe-to-toe This new Kickstarter project is something new and fresh that will be a must-have set of figures for a number of collectors If you love Mythic Legions or wish you knew about them sooner, then there is no better place[...]
Mighty Barbarians Clash with Savage Crucible's Wave 2 Unlocks
Our coverage for Savage Crucible continues as we take a look at Harvinger Studios Inc.'s incredible crowdfunding project on Kickstarter It is the originality that really makes lines like this standout, that is why Mythic Legions is so popular Savage Crucible is quickly going to be the next best thing, with currently three waves of[...]
Savage Crucible Unleashes Some Heat on with New Kickstarter Project
A new contender arrived in 2023 with the World of Savage Crucible! This new Kickstarter campaign from Harvinger Studios Inc is dishing out a whole new selection of 6.5-7" action figures Wave 1 is all about dinosaur-hybrid warriors with plenty of figures to go around to customize, pose, and build your new army.  Currently, Savage Crucible[...]