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The Joys Of Jupiter's Circle, The Savage Dragon, Mark Millar And Ayn Rand
Over in this week's Savage Dragon by Erik Larsen…. He's not the only one wanting super powered children to make a "better" world, either. Back in Jupiter's Circle, John Rockefeller wants a word… But back to Ayn Rand… who has a few observations to make, about superheroes and the Superman archetype standing in front of her. Rand's objectivism would value certain[...]
How Today's Savage Dragon Changed From Last Year's Free Comic Book Day Preview
Today's Savage Dragon finally joins the continuity established is 2015's Free Comic Book Day title Savage Dragon Legacy, as the plot catches up with the preview. Except it has changed rather dramatically In the back, Erik Larsen explains that he changed his mind, and wanted to keep the Savage Dragon's son, Malcolm Dragon out of the[...]
Today's Savage Dragon Out Sex Criminalizes Sex Criminals (SPOILERS)
Ba-Goom, the dictator of Dimension-X's Glum World travelled to Earth to challenge the Savage Dragon to combat, but was a little bit smaller that Dragon Unable to return, he befriended Dragon's daughter, Angel, who treated him as her toy And that was the status quo, until Glum got control of the God Gun which forced all of[...]
Savage Dragon Tries New Layout for Entire Issue
Savage Dragon is one of the longest running series from a single creator/creative team in American comic book history, challenged only by the likes of Cerebus and Groo Telling the story of an invading alien-turned cop, it has spun off in wide directions, challenging and shocking, but also playing with the medium as creator Erik[...]
The Savage Dragon Who Could Take A Lesson From The Dragon in Saga
Today's Savage Dragon follows up on what have been dubbed The Threesome Issue and The Foursome Issue But first, a spoiler warning from the cast themselves… Consider yourself warned At the end of the last issue, we discovered that one of the Foursome participants had turned up to tell Malcolm Dragon the news that she is[...]
Could Savage Dragon Be The Next Sex Criminals?
Bleeding Cool has reported on retailers upset that the Image Comics FCBD title this year is Savage Dragon, ahead of the spinoff launch of Savage Dragon: Legacy. They are still complaining and, odds are, will be complaining at the ComicsPRO meeting as well. One of the Image Comics launch titles from Image founder Erik Larsen, it recently[...]
Bleeding Cool's Best Comic Panels of 2014
Williams III Hannah Means-Shannon's choices are: The Cigar That Fell In Love With A Pipe, by David Camus and Nick Abadzis Fear, My Dear: A Billy Dogma Experience, by Dean Haspiel Schmuck: Discotheque, by Seth Kushner and George Jurard  Buzz Tippett's choice is:   Savage Dragon #199 by Erik Larsen Every page was a double page spread! The panels[...]
#FCBDGate – The Savage Dragon Factor (UPDATE)
Savage Dragon is one of my favourite superhero comic books, and has been for decades Constantly surprising, as well as full of explosive action, over the years the central character has gone up against God, Satan, Santa, John Byrne and a genocidal dictator disguised in a kid's soft toy collection It regularly goes places that[...]
SCOOP: The Twelve Gold Titles For Free Comic Book Day 2015 – Secret Wars, Doctor Who Event, Fight Club, Transformers, Pokemon, Bob's Burgers, The Strain, Iscariot And A New Savage Dragon Title
It appears that, despite cutting the overall number of Free Comic Book Day titles for 2015, there are still twelve Gold books available for retailers to order, so the cuts will impact on everyone else. But here are the twelve Gold Books that every retailer who wants to officially participate in Free Comic Book Day in[...]
Are They Going To Call It Savage Dragon #200? Or The Threesome Issue?
But today, in it's 200th anniversary issue, Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon tackles the issue affecting us more than anything else today, where no mainstream superhero comic book has gone before, the threesome. Of course it doesn't start off that way. As Malcolm moves in with his girlfriend, it finally gets real. I say real, they are using condoms[...]
Things To Do On The West Coast In December If You Like Comics
See you on the flip side and have a wonderful December! California Comic book creator and Image Comics co-founder Erik Larsen will be at Isotope Comics in San Francisco on Wednesday, December 10 from 4 to 7 PM to celebrate the 200th issue of Savage Dragon. Culver City's The Comic Bug will host writer Mike Mignola, who will[...]
Erik Larsen Teases Savage Dragon #200
Erik Larsen has been on twitter is teasing the upcoming Savage Dragon #200 which will be in stores 12/10/2014 Here are six of the pages from the book Getting to a 200th issue on an independent title is very impressive. Erik Larsen has been on twitter is teasing the upcoming Savage[...]
33 Thoughts About 33 Comics Today – Harley Quinn, Saga, Nova, Worlds End, Futures End, Rasputin, Savage Dragon, Southern Bastards, Black Science, Deadpool & Captain America, Wolverine & The X-Men, Adventure Time x2, Uber, Thought Bubble 2014, Crossed, God Is Dead, War Stories, Sinestro, Thunderbolts, Inhuman, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Axis Revolutions, Carnage, Deathlok, Wonder Woman, Shadow, Phantom, Pathfinder, Transformers, Little Nemo, Doodle Jump, Bob's Burgers
Little Nemo #2 demonstrates the treats in store. Such as Savage Dragon #199, where every page in this comic is a double page splash, going from Hell to Earth in time for a certain Savage Dragon #200 next month… but how much bigger can they go than this? Well Thought Bubble Anthology 2014 has one idea, folding[...]