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Now Batman #90 Sells Out and Goes to Second Printing Before Going on Sale

Now Batman #90 Sells Out and Goes to Second Printing Before Going on Sale

As backorders continue to come in, Batman #90 has sold out At a distributor and publisher level, ahead of its March 4th on-sale date in comic stores. And as a result, DC is rushing back to press for a second printing. This marks the second subsequent pre-on-sale sellout for the series, following Punchline's debut in […]

Second Printings for X-Men #2 and Pink Lemonade #1

Second Printings for X-Men #2 and Pink Lemonade #1

Two comic books going to a second printing this weekend… Nick Cagnetti's Pink Lemonade #1 from It's Alive Comics, out on the 18th of December and X-Men #2 by Jonathan Hickman and Leinil Francis Yu from Marvel Comics, out on January 8th. The second printing to X-Men #1 had Marvel get Giuseppe Camuncoli to redraw a […]

Spawn #300, Gets a 4th Printing, #301 a Third, #302 a Second - as Well as Moonshine #13

Spawn #300, Gets a 4th Printing, Moonshine #13 Gets a Second…

Man, this feels like writing one of those Marvel future printing stories. Just… from Image Comics. We start with Spawn #300 getting a fourth printing now, for the 11th of December. Spawn #301 gets a third printing for the same date, and Spawn #302 gets a second printing. Then the returning Moonshine #13 from Brian […]

Image Comics Discovers a Second Printing For Undiscovered Country #1

Back in October, Bleeding Col estimated that Scott Snyder, Charles Soule, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Daniele Orlandi and Matt Wilson's new ongoing series Undiscovered Country has launched as the highest ordered Image Comics debut (without playing silly buggers like Mark Millar did) in nearly five years with orders of 83,000. But that was two weeks ago. Image Comics has […]

Immortal Hulk #25 to Get a Second Printing

Later today, Marvel Comics will tell retailers that they will be sending last week's Immortal Hulk #25 back to a second printing. It was one hell of a comic book, and the lines at the Panini UK stand at MCM London Comic Con, with their sales of the UK paperback Immortal Hulk Omnibus rocketing through […]

Gutt Ghost and Omni Get Second Printings

Gutt Ghost and Omni Get Second Printings

Two more books getting second printing this week, the Scout Comics take on Enzo Garza's Gutt Ghost which has ripped up the back issue market, with the Scout version selling for up to $16. And something similar for Omni #1 from Humanoids by Devin Grayson and Alitha Martinez… both out for September the 25th. Here are […]

Second Coming #1 Gets a Second Printing – It Has Risen Again, Hallelujah

Second Coming, the comic book that Bleeding Cool was unintentionally partially to blame for getting bowdlerised, then pulled from DC Comics, was published yesterday. Mark Russell and Richard Pace's book also came out on much better quality paper than it would have done over at Vertigo, with a whole bunch of backmatter stuffed in the […]

The Walking Dead #193 Goes to Second Print - Still Only $3.99

The Walking Dead #193 Goes to Second Print – Still Only $3.99

Bleeding Cool pointed out that yesterday The Walking Dead #193 had sold out from Diamond Comic Distributors despite a very generous overprint and retailers encouraged to up their initial orders by Image Comics/Skybound making every issue fully returnable if the retailer wished. Well, that won't be the case with the second printing, planned for the […]

Industry Descends Into Chaos as Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans' Die #5 Gets Second Printing

Industry Descends Into Chaos as Die #5 Rushed to Second Printing

Panic rocked the comic book industry Friday as fans of Die, a comic book by Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans, were sent into a "frenzy" with demand for the book's fifth issue, Die #5, according to a press release from Image. As a result, the book "will be rushed back to print," Image claims, though […]

The Tempest and Transformers: Unicron Go to Second Printings

Three IDW Publishing comic books are going to second printings. Transformers: Unicron #1 and 2, the final tale of the IDW Transformers canon, and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Tempest Book 1, all out for the 12th of September.   THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN: TEMPEST #1 2ND PTG. ( JUN188003) (W) Alan Moore (A/CA) Kevin O'Neill […]

The Long Con Gets a $1 Collector's Edition Second Printing from Oni Press

In a welcome departure from the usual tone of press releases announcing second printing of comics, which tend to act as though fans have surrounded the publisher's building and will not leave until a new printing is rushed off to press as quickly as possible, Oni Press is playing it cool with the second printing […]

Sonic #1 Sells Out, Gets 2nd Printing

IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog #1 has sold out, and will return for a second printing, the publisher announced Thursday via press release. The issue is getting a second printing that will be available in stores on May 2nd. Before then, however, readers will be able to pick up three more issues of the comic, with […]

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Lemire and Sorrentino's Gideon Falls #1 Gets Badly Needed Second Printing

If nobody actually yelled "stop the presses," we're going to be disappointed. A press release from Image Comics proclaims that Gideon Falls #1, the hit new comic from Jeff Lemire, Andrea Sorrentino, and Dave Stewart has been "rushed back to print same day as release," revealing that the comic has not only sold out, but it […]

Hit-Girl #1 and Ice Cream Man #2 Get Second Printings

Following up on Image Expo earlier this week, Image has announced sell-outs and second printings for Hit-Girl #1 and Ice Cream Man #2. In Hit-Girl's case, the first three issues have been made returnable, which benefits Image twice: first when it causes retailers to increase orders and second when they can use any returned copies for […]