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Second Printing For Strange Academy and X Of Swords
A small second printing line-up this week it seems Nothing from DC, The Department Of Truth from Image Comics, a We Only Find Them When They're Dead from Boom Studios and just three – count them – three reprints from Marvel Comics And none of them written by Donny Cates which is just a shocking[...]
Ice Cream Man #20 Second Printing From Image Sells More Than First
But that's just the start. Ice Cream Man #20 first printing B cover. I am told that the numbers are in for the second printing for Ice Cream Man #20 – and that is 30% more than the entire first printing I cannot think of the last time a second printing of a comic book had more[...]
Second Printings for Thor #5, A Man Among Ye #1 and Adventureman #1
Such as second printings of sell-out books Thor #5, rewriting the history of Galactus gets a second printing in July 29th from Marvel Comics While two Image Comics launch titles get second printings for June 22nd, Adventureman #1 by Matt Fraction and the Dodsons and A Man Among Ye #1 by Stephanie Phillips and Craig[...]
BOOM! Sets Final Volume of Llovet and Azzarello's Faithless for 2021
I would expect a second printing to be announced sooner than later, even if some comic shops do choose to boycott the series over its… bloody content The only real question in my mind is will Boom offer up both a regular and erotic edition of the second printing like they did on Faithless #1[...]
Now Batman #90 Sells Out and Goes to Second Printing Before Going on Sale
And as a result, DC is rushing back to press for a second printing This marks the second subsequent pre-on-sale sellout for the series, following Punchline's debut in Batman #89. Batman #90 Second Printing reprints part five of "Their Dark Designs," written by James Tynion IV and illustrated by Jorge Jimenez and Tomeu Morey This issue[...]
Second Printings for X-Men #2 and Pink Lemonade #1
Two comic books going to a second printing this weekend… Nick Cagnetti's Pink Lemonade #1 from It's Alive Comics, out on the 18th of December and X-Men #2 by Jonathan Hickman and Leinil Francis Yu from Marvel Comics, out on January 8th. The second printing to X-Men #1 had Marvel get Giuseppe Camuncoli to redraw a moment[...]
Spawn #300, Gets a 4th Printing, #301 a Third, #302 a Second - as Well as Moonshine #13
Spawn #301 gets a third printing for the same date, and Spawn #302 gets a second printing. Then the returning Moonshine #13 from Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso has sold out and is going to a second printing already, also for the 11th of December. And just like those Marvel second printing articles, we don't have any[...]
Image Comics Discovers a Second Printing For Undiscovered Country #1
"It's tough enough even to get people to give your story a shot when there are so many other amazing books on the stands, so to get a second printing at this point… well, it's a fantastic way to set off on the journey together On to Issue 2!" Camuncoli added: "This lovely news certainly corroborates[...]
Immortal Hulk #25 to Get a Second Printing
Later today, Marvel Comics will tell retailers that they will be sending last week's Immortal Hulk #25 back to a second printing It was one hell of a comic book, and the lines at the Panini UK stand at MCM London Comic Con, with their sales of the UK paperback Immortal Hulk Omnibus rocketing through[...]
Gutt Ghost and Omni Get Second Printings
Two more books getting second printing this week, the Scout Comics take on Enzo Garza's Gutt Ghost which has ripped up the back issue market, with the Scout version selling for up to $16 And something similar for Omni #1 from Humanoids by Devin Grayson and Alitha Martinez… both out for September the 25th. Here are the[...]
Second Coming #1 Gets a Second Printing – It Has Risen Again, Hallelujah
It has sold out from the publisher and from Diamond Comic Distributors and so goes for up to $20 on eBay right now. However, it has also gone to second printing for August the 14th If you can wait that long, it's yours for four bucks still. SECOND COMING #1 2ND PTG (MR) (W) Mark Russell (A) Richard[...]