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Kapow 2012: The InComplete Sleaze Castle – The Comic You Must Own

On sale at Kapow this weekend, and coming through Diamond shortly, is the Incomplete Sleaze Castle from Markosia That's if it gets the numbers it needs.Consider this an appeal to Americans Oh sure, you think you have Anglophiliac tastes Your shelves and/or Flash Drives full of Phonogram, Banksy, Misfits, Lucky Soul and The Thick Of[...]

An Incomplete Sleaze Castle. You May Not Know What It Is. But You Should Buy It.

Asking anyone to drop $50 on a comic book they've never heard of is a big thing.But that's exactly what I'm doing now.This is the Sleaze Castle Incomplete Directors Cut in Previews right now, for July publication 480 pages long, containing all the issues of More Tales From Sleaze Castle, Tales From Sleaze Castle, Sleaze[...]

Markosia To Publish My Favourite Comic

Its narrative isn't even in one continuity, spinning off along the way.It's called Sleaze Castle And it marries strange interdimensional reality hopping with the most mundane elements of modern life It takes illuminated flights of fantasy, fills them with some of the strongest comedy and in depth references and then grounds them with the most[...]

Verity Fair #2 Kicks Off Thought Bubble Comic Con

In Leeds right now, they are entering a one day comic con, Thought Bubble, hitting well above its weight with a guest list including John Romita Jr, Becky Cloonan, Tony Harris, Kieron Gillen, Bryan Talbot, Dan Abnett, Doug Braithwaite, Dider Crisse, Ian Churchill, Paul Cornell, Paul Duffield, Adi Granov, Antony Johnston, Barry Kitcon, Jamie McKelvie, […]

The Greatest Comic Creator You May Never Have Heard Of – Terry Wiley

If only I could help.Terry Wiley first came to prominence in Britain in the nineties, co-writing and drawing the sci-fi comedy drama More Tales From Sleaze Castle and it's sequel Sleaze Castle, self published from Gratuitous Bunny Comix with writer Dave McKinnon.Starring the mature student Jocasta Drabble encountering multi-dimensions in her dorm room, it was[...]