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With time ticking closer to John Cho (Spike Spiegel), Mustafa Shakir (Jet Black), and Daniella Pineda (Faye Valentine) bringing Cowboy Bebop to full-on, live-action life, Netflix series showrunner André Nemec is offering up some more details on the series First up, we have a writing team line-up that includes Nemec, pilot writer Christopher Yost (Thor:[...]
cowboy bebop
While about three months might seem like a long time still to have to wait to see John Cho (Spike Spiegel), Mustafa Shakir (Jet Black), and Daniella Pineda (Faye Valentine) bring Cowboy Bebop to full-on, live-action life, considering the long journey the adaptation's taken to get here? Three months feels like a long blink[...]
cowboy bebop
Not only did we have John Cho (Spike Spiegel), Mustafa Shakir (Jet Black), and Daniella Pineda (Faye Valentine) on hand to announce that original anime music composer Yoko Kanno would be creating original work for the live-action series, which would be hitting screens this fall Well, on Monday morning things got a whole lot more real[...]
Cowboy Bebop offered some major casting news for the Nettlix live-action series (Image: screencap)
After a combination of pandemic-related delays and an injury to series star John Cho (Star Trek, Searching) led to a longer delay than anyone could've expected, Cho's co-star Daniella Pineda (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom; What/If) aka amnesia-ridden bounty hunter Faye Valentine had some exciting news to share last week- and we almost missed it! Nearly[...]
Cowboy Bebop has added Geoff Stults, Tamara Tunie, Mason Alexander Park, Rachel House, Ann Truong, and Hoa Xuanda to the live-action series' cast. (Images: Netflix PR, with permission)
Original anime director Shinichiro Watanabe serves as a consultant. Welcome to the World of Netflix's "Cowboy Bebop"! Spike Spiegel (Cho): Spike Spiegel is an impossibly cool "cowboy" (bounty hunter) with a deadly smile, a wry wit, and style to spare He travels the solar system with his ex-cop partner, Jet, pursuing the future's most dangerous bounties with[...]
A look behind the scenes of Netflix's Cowboy Bebop (Image: Netflix).
Now, Grillo-Marxuach is back to tease fans with even more intel on what they're doing to bring Spike Spiegel to life. Netflix The first thing that Grillo-Marxuach wants to make clear to fans is that the team behind Netflix's adaptation are there to do right by the anime One rule to the production is basic yet essential:[...]
Ein at the table read for Cowboy Bebop, courtesy of Netflix.
How do you replace the person who was meant to be Spike Spiegel? "You've seen him in comedies You've seen him in dramas The guy can do anything," Grillo-Marxuach explained during an interview with io9 "To see John Cho bring his wonderful mastery of acting to this character, and then also to see the level of[...]
A look at the recording of the Cowboy Bebop charity song, courtesy of Funimation.
Cooper String Arranger: Lance Treviño String Copyist/Orchestrator/String Mockup: Dallas Crane Violins: Molly Rogers Greenbaum, David Morales Boroff, Felicia Rojas, Jeff Ball Violas: Joe Chen, Molly Rogers Greenbaum, Isaac Schutz, Jeff Ball Cellos: Andrew Dunn, David Tangney Upright Bass: Travis Kindred Spoken word: Beau Billingslea (Voice actor from Cowboy Bebop – Jet Black) Ending Tag: Steve Blum (Voice actor from Cowboy Bebop – Spike[...]
"Cowboy Bebop": John Cho Injured On-Set; Netflix Suspends Production 7-9 Months
Less than two weeks after Netflix's live-action Cowboy Bebop offered fans a look behind-the-scenes on the start of production, the series is set to go on a 7-9 month hiatus following a knee injury sustained by lead John Cho (Spike Spiegel) The incident took place during the last take of what was described as a[...]
Netflix announced the main cast of their live-action remake of Cowboy Bebop on Thursday, and many sites and pundits sighed with relief that they didn't "whitewash" the whole cast, going for diverse and color-blind choices: John Cho playing Spike Spiegel, Mustafar Shakir playing Jet, Daniella Pineda playing Faye Valentine, and Alex Russell playing Spike's friend-turned-nemesis[...]
Live-Action 'Cowboy Bebop' Series to Star John Cho
We are THRILLED to report that Netflix's upcoming live-action adaptation of beloved anime Cowboy Bebop will star John Cho as Spike Spiegel Netflix has already ordered 10 episodes. John ChoPhoto by DFree / Shutterstock.com According to The Hollywood Reporter: "the jazz-inspired, genre-bending story of a rag-tag crew of bounty hunters on the run from their pasts, as they hunt[...]