D23: Disney Is Gifting Us A Star Wars Hotel With Real Droid Butlers

Star Wars Hotel

During the Disney Parks panel at D23, Disney's Bob Chapek announced their brand new Star Wars hotel that will be joining the vast array of resorts at the Walt Disney World Orlando location and will be connected to the new Star Wars Land park. The resort will be designed as a starship, which means that your guest rooms will look like ship cabins, and you'll have real droid butlers. It is every Star Wars fan's dream.

Other features of the resort include a pool, water garden, and a cantina. Because it just isn't Star Wars without a cantina.

The hotel was rumored to be one of the new attractions coming to Orlando when we first saw concept art for the Star Wars park during Star Wars Celebration back in May. Today's announcement at the Parks panel was more of a confirmation than anything else, but hey, we'll take it.

"It is 100% immersive," Chapek said during the panel. "A truly unbelievable experience."

From the concept art we have, it looks like the hotel will include special admission to the Star Wars park and will likely overlook the park as well, so you have an absolutely stunning, "fully immersive" Star Wars experience. So, it'll be the Star Wars version of the Animal Kingdom Lodge, but way, way cooler.

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