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Heaven Dust Collection To Receive Switch Physical Edition
Super Rare Games announced they will be releasing the Heaven Dust Collection, both major titles in one banner in physical form for Nintendo Switch Working with indienova, the game will essentially bring in both titles in their most updated form, along with a ton of extra features that will have longtime fans enjoying what is[...]
Super Rare Games To Release Mixtape Volume 2
Super Rare Games revealed that they've released the Super Rare Mixtape Vol 2 with a ton of indie video games all in one cool retro package This set is basically a gambit of fun titles that are from an array of genres, all of them in a single USB stick inside a cassette tape design,[...]
Super Rare Games Will Release ITTA With A Physical Copy
Super Rare Games revealed they will be doing a special physical edition of ITTA, with pre-orders happening next week The company is working with Glass Revolver and Armor Games Studios to create a version that all fans will appreciate, with two versions to choose from as they will have 3,000 copies of the Standard edition,[...]
"SteamWorld Quest" To Receive A Physical Release On Switch
Thunderful partnered with Super Rare Games to announce that SteamWorld Quest will be getting a physical release on Nintendo Switch The release will be sold exclusively through the Super Rare website and will be made available on November 7th The catch is there will only be 7,000 copies made of the game You can read[...]