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Two New Dungeons & Dragons Young Adventurer Guides Revealed
Ten Speed Press revealed two new additions to the Dungeons & Dragons: A Young Adventurer Guide series, adding to the already impressive collection The two books are Places & Portals: A Young Adventurer's Guide by Stacey King, Jim Zub, and Andrew Wheeler; and Characters & Quests: A Young Adventurer's Workbook for Creating a Hero and Telling Their[...]
Giveaway: Multiple Dungeons & Dragons Book From Ten Speed Press
Would you like to win a pack of Dungeons & Dragons books from Ten Speed Press? All you need is a Twitter account to do so We've teamed up with the publisher to give out a small collection of books that have recently been released, which includes the Young Adventurer's Collection box set, the latest[...]
Ten Speed Press Reveals New Dungeons & Dragons Books For 2020
During D&D Live 2020, Ten Speed Press revealed all of the new books they have coming for Dungeons & Dragons in 2020 Among the new books on the way are a cookbook called Heroes' Feast: The Official Dungeons & Dragons Cookbook, a new specialty journal for adventurers called The Book of Holding (Dungeons & Dragons):[...]
Dungeons & Dragons Wizards & Spells Book Cover
Ten Speed Press has continued with its Dungeons & Dragons' Young Adventurer's Guide series with the fourth book, Wizards & Spells The first three books in this series have been pretty cool as they are designed to give younger readers a look into D&D without the massive tomes of reading Because let's be honest, when[...]
We Gave "Hearthstone: Battlegrounds" A Shot During BlizzCon
Earlier this year, Wizards of the Coast and Ten Speed Press unveiled a new line of Young Adventurers Guides for kids to learn about Dungeons & Dragons The first two, which we reviewed, focused on Monsters & Creatures and Warriors & Weapons The latest addition to this series came out today with the intriguing title[...]
Ninja Is Getting His Own Graphic Novel With Ten Speed Press
Ten Speed Press announced this week that they will be working with Tyler "Ninja" Blevins to release his own graphic novel Simply titled Ninja, the book is slated for release on December 3rd, 2019 The book was written by comics writer Justin Jordan and designed by comics artist Felipe Magaña, so it's got some chops[...]
Review - Dungeons & Dragons: Young Adventurer's Guides
But it doesn't need to be, and thankfully, Wizards of the Coast and Ten Speed Press came together to form a new set of D&D books called the Young Adventurer's Guides. credit//Ten Speed Press These books serve as a beginner's guide to the game without specifically putting the game's rules in front of you like the Player's[...]
Ten Speed Press Announces Two New Dungeons & Dragons Guides
During the D&D Live 2019 event this weekend, it was announced Ten Speed Press would be doing some new Dungeons & Dragons books for younger readers These books are simplified versions of guides you would find in D&D, with content ripped from the Player's Handbook, Monster Manual, DM's Guide, and various adventures to show off[...]