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Terrific Production LLC Makes A Very Dodgy Offer Indeed
Bleeding Cool remains fascinated with Andrew Rev, owner of Comico, Elementals and Youngblood, as he continually out-Bill Jemases Bill Jemas on social media for his new comic book publisher Terrific Production LLC This weekend, he took a step beyond the usual ridiculousness that we have seen Bleeding Cool is one of a number of comic[...]
Bleeding Cool has been making mention of the return of Elementals and Youngblood owner and eighties/nineties comics publisher Comico founder, Andrew Rev, to comic books, as Terrific Production He has gone out of his way to make a splash, raise people's heckles and act in a public fashion that is reminiscent of noughties Bill Jemas[...]
Will Dinesh Shamdasani Seduce Youngblood Away From Andrew Rev
But Andrew Rev of Terrific Production had something else to discuss He has recently acquired the full rights tp Youngblood, and managed to alienate Youngblood creator Rob Liefeld in the process And plenty of other creators too. Since obtaining the rights to Youngblood, Terrific has been actively recruiting on Twitter, even offering to take young up-and-comers like Ryan[...]