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Netflix Confirms Stranger Things Season 3 Delay, Promises It's "Worth the Wait"
[Exec producers] The Duffer brothers and Shawn Levy have worked really hard, and they understand the stakes are high They want to deliver something bigger and better than what they did last year And so they really want to take the time to get it right." can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: STRANGER THINGS[...]
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In what could be a major blow to filmmaker Charlie Kessler's complaint against Matt and Ross Duffer (The Duffer Brothers) over creative credit for Netflix's hugely popular sci-fi series Stranger Things, TMZ has reportedly obtained emails that prove The Duffer Brothers were developing a "Montauk" series as early as November 2010 — three and a half[...]
Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer, Duffer Brothers
Credit: Netflix Following up on yesterday's reporting that Stranger Things creators The Duffer Brothers (Matt and Ross Duffer) were being sued by filmmaker Charlie Kessler for allegedly stealing the concept for the series from his 2012 short film, the Duffer Brothers have responded to the complaint through their attorney, Alex Kohner: "Mr Kessler's claim is completely meritless[...]
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Credit: Kathy Hutchins/ The road to Stranger Things' third season on Netflix has been a good news-bad news roller coaster for series creators Matt and Ross Duffer (The Duffer Brothers) over the past several weeks With news of the cast getting raises and the show being featured in this year's Universal Studios' Halloween Horror came allegations[...]
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Credit: Kathy Hutchins / Matt and Ross Duffer (The Duffer Brothers) are facing accusations of being verbally abusive towards women on the set of Stranger Things, with the brothers as well as the streaming service issuing statements in response Crew member Peyton Brown posted on Instagram that she would not be returning to the show[...]
Stranger Things 3: Maya Thurman-Hawke Cast; Priah Ferguson Recurring
Ferguson's most recent projects include FX's Atlanta and PBS's Mercy Street. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Stranger Things 2 | Official Final Trailer | Netflix ( Stranger Things stars Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers; David Harbour as Chief Jim Hopper; Finn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler; Noah Schnapp as Will Byers; Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven; Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas Sinclair; Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin Henderson; Cara Buono as Karen Wheeler; Natalia Dyeras Nancy Wheeler; Charlie[...]
The Walking Dead/Stranger Things "Crossover" You Never Realized
As a fan of AMC's The Walking Dead, if I read a headline like that the first think I'd think was, "Sweet! Makes sense! 'The Upside Down' would definitely explain what the hell happened to Heath after his disappearing act in Season 7's sixth episode 'Swear!'"
Stranger Things 2: Producers Discuss Season Finale And The Future
If you've finished with whatever level of binge-watching you chose to go with to get through Netflix's Stranger Things 2, then you know that The Duffer Brothers ended the show's second season answering old questions and raising new ones While Season 2's finale may have been a bit more subtle in setting up what's still[...]
Stranger Things Season 2 Review- A Rare Sequel That Lives Up To The Hype
The Duffer Brothers are not concerned with silly mysteries of the past, they want to move things forward. And move they do This season is way more fast paced than the previous one While they hit the ground running, they are very careful not to go too fast and leave a stone unturned They know what[...]
Stranger Things Season 3 Confirmed By The Duffer Brothers, Season 4 Discussed
Looks like fans will be spending a little longer in the Upside Down, as Stranger Things creators The Duffer Brothers (Matt and Ross Duffer) confirmed a third season for Netlfix's hugely popular science fiction-horror series and discussed the show's future moving into a fourth season and beyond In an in-depth interview with Vulture to promote[...]