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Processing The Troop: Behind The Page With Joshua Cassara
Posted by Olly MacNamee With our recent coverage of Noel Clarke and Joshua Cassara new comic The Troop debuting from Titan Comics December 9th at a comic shop near you, we asked Cassara whether he could share the procedures he takes from pencil, to pen to printed page This is what he kindly shared with us[...]
'I Think I'm Gonna Chunder' – Preview The Troop #1 From Titan Comics
By Olly MacNamee. Debuting this December from the multi-talented actor/director and now comic book writer, Noel (y'know, Mickey from Dr Who) Clarke with art provided by rising talent, Joshua Cassara, comes a new type of superhero team book, The Troop This really isn't your mum and dad's X-Men, but rather an X-rated X-Men, with adult content[...]
The Troop – An X-Rated X-Men From Noel Clarke? #thetroopcomic
This time it's The Troop With a very Mark Millary tagline… and artist Joshua Cassara.  Out in December. This December9th @noelclarke (ME) Presents TheTroop – The "X-Rated X-Men For The New Millenium" – SFX #thetroopcomic — Noel Clarke (@NoelClarke) September 14, 2015 Couldn't they have just gone with The Sex Men? Or the XXX-Men? Anyway, Noel Clarke, who played[...]