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UCS Comic Distributors Close Phone Lines From Today
Last month, Bleeding Cool broke the news that the distribution arrangement between DC Comics and Midtown Comics' UCS Comic Distributors was no more We later learned that DC Comics didn't drop UCS – UCS dropped DC Comics After all, we were also able to discover that UCS had three-to-four times the volume of DC Comics than DCBS-formed Lunar[...]
Lunar Distribution Gets A Logo And Consumer Facing Website
Previously, Bleeding Cool pointed out that the UCS Comic Distribution choosing to no longer distribute DC Comics had an unfortunate side-effect for, well, people like me UCS has a consumer-facing website that listed upcoming titles, DC Comics solicitations and other aspects such as upcoming FOC, forthcoming sale dates and additional DC Comics information While its[...]
Death Metal #7 Second Epilogue Sets Up Something Beyond Future State
Comic book retailers who have been ordering their DC Comics titles through UCS Comic Distributors, the distributor set up by Midtown Comics, and being urged to take action over a number of already-ordered titles. UCS has declined to continue offering DC Comics titles to comic book retailers from January 2021, not willing to take on the[...]
UCS Comic Distributors Close Phone Lines From Today
Last month, Bleeding Cool broke the news that the distribution arrangement between DC Comics and Midtown's UCS Comic Distributors was no more We later learned that DC Comics didn't drop UCS – UCS dropped DC Comics After all, we were also able to discover that UCS had three-to-four times the volume of DC Comics than[...]
Recently, DC Comics and UCS Comic Distributors have parted ways UCS is one of two distributors set up with DC Comics from two of DC's biggest comic book retailer accounts, to replace Diamond Comic Distributors, with whom DC had fallen out within the shadow of the shutdown Set up by Midtown Comics, it was recently[...]
Some Comics Shops Are Now Regularly Breaking Street Dates
DC instead set up two new distributors, from their two biggest retail accounts, Midtown/UCS and DCBS/Lunar They also moved their on-sale date to Tuesdays And many retailers started getting those comic books the previous week When Diamond returned, the fee for the mystery shoppers was dropped and the service went away. With these temptations coming to[...]
DC Comics Publishing Numbers Will Be Cut From 20-25%
Bleeding Cool broke the news that UCS Comic Distributors would no longer be distributing DC Comics to comic book stores from January 2021 and that as a result, Lunar Distribution would be distributing all of the DC monthly titles in North America We also learned that this was UCS' decision rather than that of DC[...]
UCS Comic Distributors Close Phone Lines From Today
A couple of days ago, Bleeding Cool broke the news that the distribution arrangement between DC Comics and UCS Comic Distributors was no more We reported "DC Comics Drops UCS Comic Distributors For Lunar" and we were totally, 100% wrong DC Comics did not drop UCS UCS dropped DC Comics. DC Comics Didn't Drop UCS –[...]
UCS Comic Distributors Close Phone Lines From Today
Lunar Distribution and UCS Comics Distributors, respectively, distributed DC Comics when Diamond were not and, when Diamond returned to distribution, DC Comics dropped Diamond completely Then, as Lunar and UCS struggled to distribute efficiently to Europe, DC went back to Diamond UK, first temporarily and then permanently It was the New Distributor Wars. Now DC Comics[...]
DC Comics Street-Date Fail - Comic Stores Not Playing By The Rules
Back the Wild West of comic book distribution this kind of thing saw rival distributors shipping comic books by air from one part of the country to another to gain an extra p[recious 24 hours for one store to beat its neighbours to the punch – so suddenly everyone had to do it, spending vast[...]
UCS Comic Distributors Close Phone Lines From Today
UCS Comic Distributors, the comic book distributor set up by Midtown Comics to initially distribute DC Comics titles when Diamond Comic Distributors went into shutdown, is now one of two exclusive comic book distributors to the direct market of DC comic books in the USA I get conflicting reports of their success from retailer perspectives[...]
UCS Comic Distributors Updates COD and Credit Card Fees
UCS Comic Distributors is the comic book distribution company started by Midtown Comics to cover East Coast distribution of DC Comics after the publisher left Diamond Comic Distributors You may have heard mention on Bleeding Cool over the last few months Well, yhey have just updated their terms of service for retailers. UCS Comic Distributors Updates[...]
Lunar Accounts Get CGC Slabbed DC Comics Free as Well as UCS
A few weeks ago, Bleeding Cool reported that UCS Comic Distributors customers were to receive a free graded DC comic book as a thank you for choosing them Turns out Lunar Distribution customers got one too – though there appears to have been some shipping delays this week – some retailers reported that their Diamond[...]
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On June 5th, Bleeding Cool broke the news that DC Comics had decided to quit Diamond for good and was moving everything across to new distributors/comic stores UCS and Lunar, and to Penguin Random House for graphic novels We asked the then-unanswered question, what about the UK, which was due to receive shipping costs ten[...]
Comic Stores to Get Mad Magazine #13 and #14 on Same Day
That's right — it's double the MAD for just double the price (cheap!) Since issue #13 was originally scheduled for an April 15 on sale date and #14 was originally scheduled for a June 10 on sale date, both of these issues will be made returnable at a later date. However, those with Lunar and UCS accounts who made[...]
diamond uk
When DC Comics announced that they were dropping Diamond Comic Distribution entirely, in favour of two new US distributors Lunar and UCS, set up with comic stores DCBS and Midtown, Bleeding Cool instantly spotted a problem What about international distribution, especially to the UK which represents 10-15% of the sales of the direct market? Costs[...]
At the end, they state that both two new distributors Lunar and UCS have "solutions and affordable options" for international customers such as the UK No sign of them yet though, we have been promised more this week The full letter runs below; Dear DC Direct Market Retailer, Following this past Friday's announcement that DC's long-standing relationship[...]
UCS, Lunar, DC Comics and the British Isles - They Have A Plan
Diamond UK is estimated to represent 10-15% of the entire US direct market, but UK retailers have reported that shipping costs from Lunar or UCS are often more than the cost of the order itself, which would lead to a doubling or tripling of the cost of a DC comic book in the UK, compared[...]
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UCS Comic Distributors is one of the two new premiere distributors of DC Comics monthly titles They were formed when DC Comics approached Midtown Comics for a solution during Diamond shutdown, and now it's become part of DC's permanent solution, dropping Diamond entirely One question is if UCS will distribute my other publishers as well[...]
Today, Bleeding Cool ran the news that DC Comics is to quit Diamond Comic Distributors, in favour of their newly created distributors UCS Comic Distributors and Lunar Distribution In the Q&A, DC Comics blamed the existing direct market There was plenty of gossip all round. In the latest of a series of statements that are totally[...]
ucs comic
There are now to be just two DC distributors of monthly serialised comic books, UCS (formed by Midtown Comics) and Lunar (formed by DCBS) handling all of DC Comics' monthly output It seems hard not to recall Marvel and Heroes World, but both those organisations were already solid online sellers, shippers and distributors Will either[...]
IDW Makes A Very Marked Statement About The Direct Market
Oh look, IDW Publishing has noticed that DC Comics has pulled out of Diamond Comic Distributors, in favour of UCS and Lunar, everyone's pretty angry and there's plenty of gossip around IDW has decided to put out their own statement With an IDW (LOVES) DM image, they state; IDW PUBLISHING PLEDGES SUPPORT FOR DIRECT MARKET, EXTENDS[...]
dc logo
Bleeding Cool has been reporting on DC Comics decision to quit Diamond Comic Distributors entirely, to go with their own formed distributors UCS and Lunar We also reported what DC Comics were saying about why they did what they did, which just posed more questions People had things to say, beginning with retailers. Mike Wellman of[...]
DC Officially Rebrands, Dropping Vertigo
Bleeding Cool just ran the news that DC Comics is to quit Diamond Comic Distributors, in favour of their newly created distributors UCS and Lunar This comes after twenty-five years of Diamond being the exclusive distributor of DC Comics – at least until the shutdown, DC Comics has provided retailers with a Q&A – but[...]
dc logo
Bleeding Cool is being told by, well, everyone it seems right now, that DC Comics is completely quitting being distributed by Diamond Comic Distributors in favour of the two new distributors they set up with the biggest direct market retail accounts Midtown Comics (UCS Comic Distributors) and DCBS (Lunar Distribution). The original change in distribution occurred[...]
USC Retailers, Don't Sell Stejpan Sejic's Aquaman #59 Yet - Too Late?
With UCS Comic Distributors, Lunar Distribution and Diamond Comic Distribution all distributing DC Comics products to comic book stores right now, there is likely to be some market disparity with books arriving through one distributor at a different schedule to the other We'd noted that Diamond Comic Distributors had reported late titles, with Lunar having[...]
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It could be that the existence of UCS and Lunar have led them to up their game, especially for relatively smaller stores like Rodman's Comics You can read up more on recent comics distribution moves, with this link. Rod Lamberti of Rodman Comics, Iowa, got his Diamond Comic Distributors delivery for this coming Wednesday, yesterday[...]
Let's have a look around the three distributors of DC Comics titles this week, Lunar Distribution, UCS Comic Distributors and Diamond Comic Distributors Diamond is doing their big comeback campaign and have even gotten the former publisher of DC Comics Dan DiDio to wear the short Mine must be lost in the mail. The New Distribution[...]