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Everyone Is Talking About James Harren’s Ultramega #1
We've been telling you that James Harren's Ultramega #1 was a gigantic launch for Image/Skybound and had quickly gone to a second printing to keep up with demand Even the Comics Vault Live product has been incredibly hot, with the Ultramega #1 Attack Peter variant (originally priced at $75) re-selling for $200 and the Ultramega[...]
PrintWatch: Ultramega, Power Rangers, Specter Inspectors 2nd Prints
PrintWatch: James Harren's new Image/Skybound comic Ultramega #1 has sold out and is going to a second printing The second printing will also have a 1:5 variant in black and white. PrintWatch: Ultramega, Power Rangers, Specter Inspectors 2nd Prints James Harren is the creator, writer, and artist of Ultramega, with Eisner-award winning colorist Dave Stewart. In the world of Ultramega,[...]
Comics Vault Live Ultramega & Nocterra Variants, The Next $300 Books?
Bolo" DeMayo reported that the issue instantly sold for $249.99, which is an amazing return for an issue that retailed for $75 (and we noted it in our original article, too): And the surprise reveal of a CVL variant for Robert Kirkman's Invincible #1 was even hotter, blowing up to $300, meaning we might've been right[...]
Ultramega #1 Gets Orders For 31,000 - Is It Enough?
We were the first ones to tell you that Ultramega was going to be the biggest launch for Skybound in nearly a year and had tons of big industry buzz, but it turns out it was even more, well, mega. Ultramega #1 is pacing hit series like Once & Future and Something is Killing The Children—both[...]
Everyone Is Talking About James Harren’s Ultramega #1
We broke the news a couple weeks ago that James Harren and Dave Stewart's Ultramega #1 is the biggest launch at Skybound since Robert Kirkman and Chris Samnee's Fire Power.  And with Ultramega #1 FOCing on Monday, February 22nf, it looks like Harren and the folks at Skybound/Image have been making sure everyone has an advance[...]
Image Comics March 2020
It wasn't so long ago that we were telling you that Ultramega #1 from James Harren and Dave Stewart was the next series to watch from Image/Skybound. Ultramega #1 is Skybound's Biggest Launch Since Fire Power #1 Now I'm never one to say "TOLDJA" but I'm hearing that Ultramega #1 is set to be the biggest launch[...]