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Is Attack Peter The New Must-Have From Comics Vault Live?
He's got a new Ultramega print available at CVL on Friday: Is Attack Peter The New Must-Have From Comics Vault Live? That said, it shouldn't have been a surprise, given that Ultramega continues to rack up historic sales for Skybound, while Peter's CVL variant to Ultramega #1 (SRP: $75) recently hitting $165 and routinely selling for over[...]
Image/Skybound Release Pride Month Charity Variant Covers
"We support the Transgender Law Center's mission to ensure all transgender and gender nonconforming people can live safely, authentically, and free from discrimination regardless of their gender identity or expression." Skybound's  Pride Month variant covers will be available exclusively at comic book stores and include: Available on Wednesday, June 2— Fire Power #12 Cover M by Kira Okamoto (Diamond Code MAR219145) The Walking Dead Deluxe #16 Cover Dby Tillie Walden (Diamond Code MAR219153) Available on Wednesday,[...]
James Harren’s Ultramega #3 Outsells Issue #2 
It's been a big year for James Harren and Dave Stewart's Ultramega, the new series that launched in March from Sky bound/Image to both massive critical acclaim and historic sales numbers We even told you that the original art is selling out at levels unheard of for most indie comics, putting it squarely in the same[...]
PrintWatch: Ultramega, Chasing The Dragon and Laila Starr
PrintWatch: James Harren's kaiju-action comic book Ultramega continues its domination, with a third printing of issues #1 and second printing of issue #2 announced today Image/Skybound will reprint both issues with new covers by Harren, available in full color and in black and white Ultramega #2 and Ultramega #1 reprints will be available in comic[...]
Everyone Is Talking About James Harren’s Ultramega #1
We've been telling you that James Harren's Ultramega #1 was a gigantic launch for Image/Skybound and had quickly gone to a second printing to keep up with demand Even the Comics Vault Live product has been incredibly hot, with the Ultramega #1 Attack Peter variant (originally priced at $75) re-selling for $200 and the Ultramega[...]
PrintWatch: Ultramega, Power Rangers, Specter Inspectors 2nd Prints
PrintWatch: James Harren's new Image/Skybound comic Ultramega #1 has sold out and is going to a second printing The second printing will also have a 1:5 variant in black and white. PrintWatch: Ultramega, Power Rangers, Specter Inspectors 2nd Prints James Harren is the creator, writer, and artist of Ultramega, with Eisner-award winning colorist Dave Stewart. In the world of Ultramega,[...]
Comics Vault Live Ultramega & Nocterra Variants, The Next $300 Books?
Bolo" DeMayo reported that the issue instantly sold for $249.99, which is an amazing return for an issue that retailed for $75 (and we noted it in our original article, too): And the surprise reveal of a CVL variant for Robert Kirkman's Invincible #1 was even hotter, blowing up to $300, meaning we might've been right[...]
Ultramega #1 Gets Orders For 31,000 - Is It Enough?
We were the first ones to tell you that Ultramega was going to be the biggest launch for Skybound in nearly a year and had tons of big industry buzz, but it turns out it was even more, well, mega. Ultramega #1 is pacing hit series like Once & Future and Something is Killing The Children—both[...]
Everyone Is Talking About James Harren’s Ultramega #1
We broke the news a couple weeks ago that James Harren and Dave Stewart's Ultramega #1 is the biggest launch at Skybound since Robert Kirkman and Chris Samnee's Fire Power.  And with Ultramega #1 FOCing on Monday, February 22nf, it looks like Harren and the folks at Skybound/Image have been making sure everyone has an advance[...]
Image Comics March 2020
It wasn't so long ago that we were telling you that Ultramega #1 from James Harren and Dave Stewart was the next series to watch from Image/Skybound. Ultramega #1 is Skybound's Biggest Launch Since Fire Power #1 Now I'm never one to say "TOLDJA" but I'm hearing that Ultramega #1 is set to be the biggest launch[...]