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A Comic Show – April Of Ultron, Convergence, & Rick And Morty
This looks truly epic, from the guys who gave us Uncanny X-Force I can't wait to read it cover to cover in one sitting Spider-Gwen continued to wow, Uncanny Inhumans is all Blackbolt, Guardians have their best book ever, and Avengers have more time run out. Image's continuing series' had a strong showing with Nailbiter, Black[...]
Booze Geek – Judgement Day And Uncanny X-Force
By Dylan Gonzalez Beer: Judgement Day Brewery: The Lost Abbey Ashes cloud the sky.  The cloven hooves of horses fill the air.  Screams of the fallen ring out.  Judgement Day has befallen us.  Luckily, none of that happened when I tried out The Lost Abbey's beer, a Belgian triple brewed with raisins. Judgement Day was a very dark brown,[...]
Maxx's Super Awesome Comic Review Show – From Magneto To The Walking Dead
They take on a huge range of comics this week, including trade deluxe editions and omnibus editions–kudos for including those, guys! Books covered in this episode are: Marvel Comics: Magneto #1 BOOM! Studios: Evil Empire #1 DC Comics: Forever Evil #6 DC Comics: Batman Superman Annual #1 Dark Horse Comics: Veil #1 Image Comics: Starlight #1 Marvel Comics: Moon Knight #1 Image Comics: Velvet[...]
That Cable And X-Force/Uncanny X-Force Crossover
Here it comes, folks the Cable And X-Force/Uncanny X-Force crossover you've all been waiting for, courtesy of Amazon… Cable and X-Force Volume 4 Father and daughter are reunited as Cable's and Hope's separate missions converge! Cable has finally solved one of his most vexing problems – but a dozen more are still on the horizon! There's no[...]
Cammy's Covers – Breath Of Bones To Red Sonja
Either way, it's eerie and beautiful and definitely catches the eye in a good way. Uncanny X-Force #10 by Kris Anka I hate it when I get a nasty brain freeze when I'm slurping my ICEE too fast! I can't help myself; it's just so damn delicious! Anyway, I really like the psychic projections attacking the team,[...]
The Polyamory And Fluid Sexuality In Uncanny X-Force
Mike Hogan writes; When the creative team behind the new volume of Uncanny X-Force was announced, I wondered if Sam Humphries would bring the same kind of boundary-challenging ideas that we've seen in Our Love is Real to the new Uncanny X-Force That answer came quickly when two-thirds of the fractured Fantomex ended the first issue[...]
Nineteen Thoughts About Nineteen Comics – Superman Unchained, Suicide Squad, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Walking Dead, Avenging Spider-Man, The Crow, Green Lantern Corps, Bravest Warriors, Six Gun Gorilla, Breath Of Bones, Batgirl, Supurbia, Manhattan Projects, Savage Wolverine, Wolverine, Uncanny X-Force, A1 And The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys
And, you know, safe in the knowledge that he has six adamantium blades tucked handily away underneath the subcutaneous fat. He can even stand in a field of sheep in Psylocke's dream in Uncanny X-Force without kicking off And seriously Betsy? Lord Braddock sent you to New Zealand to work on a sheep farm? Surely he[...]
Pottymouth Betsy Braddock
Betsy Braddock, brought up into British nobility, schooled at the most expensive boarding schools in the land, university educated, a charter pilot… what went wrong? Was it the purple hair, becoming a model, joining the X-Men or swapping out your body with an East Asian version that caused you to change? Or have you been hanging[...]
Pop Culture Hounding Ken Kristensen And Ryan Estrada
[audio:http://popculturehound.net/podcast/PCHPodcastEpisode24.mp3] Chris Thompson writes; Marvel Now! ends on a high (at least for us) with Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie's Young Avengers #1, and Sam Humphries & Ron Garney's Uncanny X-Force #1. If that's not enough, we also have TWO big interviews for you to enjoy … First up, I talk with Ken Kristensen, writer/co-creator of Todd The[...]
Making A Scheduling Sacrifice
And they're putting out the first new issue to coincide with Humphries' new Uncanny X-Force comic Isn't that nifty? Bleeding Cool did a lot of posting about Sam Humphries and Dalton Rose's micro-distributed series Sacrifice But then it seemed to disappear, just as Humphries started to get headhunted by the bigger publishers. Now it's back[...]
A Comic Show – Night Owls, Now With Added With Echo
From their own personal bat cave, in preparation… and here's Uncanny X-Force, Avengers Vs X-Men, Avengers, Wolverine And The X-Men, Batman, Nightwing, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Cinderella and the Free Comic Book Day DC spread… [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BXQqrVxgRE[/youtube] And here's Flashpoint video they're going on about at the beginning, with Tri-Force Mike's sister… [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xEvjdUkVas[/youtube] [...]
Dealing Cool #4: A Retailer Perspective from Black Cat Comics
Enjoy!     MY SHOP, DEFINED Set the stage for the Bleeding Cool viewer — what's the core of your business? Where are you located, and what's your primary clientele? We pride ourselves on being a comic book store, meaning that we have no trading cards or games.  Not that there's anything wrong with specializing in those lines; I've just[...]