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PlayStation Plus' Games For July Include Telltale's GoT & Until Dawn
The biggest on the list is Until Dawn, which should come as no surprise after word came out that the upcoming PS4 title The Inpatient will be a prequel to the 2015 choose-your-own-adventure horror game. Another big surprise is the addition of Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series, another choose-your-own-adventure series from a developer that[...]
'The Inpatient' Revealed To Be A Prequel For 'Until Dawn'
A second glance at The Inpatient trailer might make a little more sense to people now after it was revealed by Nik Bowen of Supermassive Games that the game is actually a prequel to their hit 2015 game, Until Dawn We're going to get into spoiler territory about the first game, so if you haven't played[...]
Until Dawn Creators Announce The Inpatient At Sony's E3 Conference
The makers of Until Dawn announced their next game, a PSVR title called The Inpatient at tonight's Sony E3 conference. If you've ever stayed in a hospital, you know just how creepy being an inpatient can be Strangers walk into your room at the drop of the hat, asking odd questions, giving you pills without necessarily telling[...]
Until Dawn 2 Is Not Getting Worked On Right Now
Until Dawn was a real sleeper hit for Sony The game wasn't expected to do great, but actually came in to really impressive reviews and sales when all was said and done. However, that doesn't seem to have prompted any rush for a sequel Supermassive said in an interview with Gamesindustry that while the developer is[...]
Bleeding Cool's Game Of The Year 2015: #17 – #1
Until Dawn While the game flew in under radar, I'd adored what I played of Until Dawn at trade shows before It's just great to see that the entire game lives up to that promise through its entire run though Until Dawn brings slasher horror to AAA gaming, and it is a match made in heaven. It's[...]
Until Dawn's Soundtrack Is Now On iTunes
Adam Cook writes for Bleeding Cool… It's safe to say that Supermassive Games' third-person horror game Until Dawn has been one of the breakout hits of the year so far, garnering a good critical reception for a title many thought was being sent to die. The soundtrack is now available on iTunes, but over on Sony's PS[...]
Until Dawn Is Celebrating Halloween With A Pumpkin Search And More Goodies
While I understand why Until Dawn came out in August rather than around Halloween, with so many huge franchise titles hitting, it absolutely would still be a great game to play on the day If you've not played it, certainly, I encourage it for some scares over the weekend. If you've played it though, the game[...]
Until Dawn Gets A Binaural Choice Driven Trailer
It is odd for a game to get a trailer well over a month after its release, but this new Until Dawn ad is something else It's really quite interesting too. If you will, get some headphones on and give this a go This trailer lets you choose your own path like in the game and uses[...]
Until Dawn 2 Is Being Discussed "Internally"
Until Dawn is one of the real surprises of the year I was fairly confident it would be a good product, and it was, but it didn't have a lot of buzz surrounding it, Luckily, its quality won out in the end and the game ended up doing very well. So well that people are already[...]
Until Dawn Was The Highest Trending Game On Youtube In August
The power of the platform is impossible to overstate, and for things that aren't Call of Duty and the like, it can mean success or not. Well, according to Kotaku, Until Dawn won the month of August as the most trending game on the platform, which is quite an achievement considering it came out just a[...]
Until Dawn Review – When Do I Go Home?
While the indie scene is riddled with new horror entries, we just haven't seen the support for the genre you'd expect in the last few years. Here's where Until Dawn steps in. In fact, the title is somewhat misplaced in its own era, probably to its own benefit That is mostly down to incredibly long production for the game[...]
One Of Until Dawn's Most Gory Scenes Is Getting Censored In Japan
Until Dawn doesn't pull any punches when it comes to representing gore It can get down right grizzly at some points, never shying away too much from the nasty of what is happening. It appears that it in fact, it might be a little too hard edge for Japan As Kotaku report, certain scenes are getting[...]
You Can't Archive You Streams Of Until Dawn On Twitch
I'm sure quite a lot of online content creators were planning on making videos of them playing Until Dawn Horror games are big in the streaming and lets play world. However, if you were planning to do a live stream on Twitch, be aware that archives of the game are not saving After reports of this occurrence[...]