Until Dawn Is Celebrating Halloween With A Pumpkin Search And More Goodies

While I understand why Until Dawn came out in August rather than around Halloween, with so many huge franchise titles hitting, it absolutely would still be a great game to play on the day. If you've not played it, certainly, I encourage it for some scares over the weekend.

If you've played it though, the game has introduced some things for Halloween to encourage you to go back. As announced on the PS Blog, Supermassive are hiding 11 pumpkins in the game just for Halloween. The developer then wants fans to tweet pictures when they find them with #UntilDawnPumpkin.

PlayStation will also be hosting a Director's commentary stream tomorrow through the new PlayStation Events system, which I have no doubt will be really interesting.

On top of all that, a free Until Dawn theme will be released to adorn your home screen with.

While none of this is incredible new content, it's all free and a neat way to celebrate the holiday with this year's scariest game.

To tie everything up, this accolades trailer has just been released too. Take a look: