October Funko Pop Releases &#8211 Wheres Waldo Smokey the Bear etc

October Funko Pop Releases – Where's Waldo, Smokey the Bear, etc

Finally, after 32 years, we are seeing the iconic man himself Where’s Waldo Yes, Funko Pop! Books Icon is making his debut after all this time I would appreciate it a lot more if he was limited edition so it makes him almost as hard to find him in real life as it is in his[...]

Lucky Charms Grindhouse: Lucky vs Waldo the Wizard 75 [BCs CEREAL SERIES FANFIC]

"Lucky Charms" Grindhouse: Lucky vs Waldo the Wizard '75 [BC's CEREAL SERIES FANFIC]

Waldo the Wizard?[caption id="attachment_1081234" align="alignnone" width="1200"] General Mills[/caption]In a world beyond the rainbows existed a town called ‘Charms’ The inhabitants consisted of yellow moons, orange stars, pink hearts, green clovers, and of course, their beloved Mayor Lucky They lived a life of love, tranquility and dreams Their days spent creating the Lucky Charms Cereal.The year[...]

The Walking Deads Wheres Waldo Spoof a Bit More Disturbing Than We Expected

The Walking Dead's "Where's Waldo" Spoof a Bit More Disturbing Than We Expected

By the time the mid-season finale of AMC The Walking Dead “Evolution” rolled its credits, our survivors had learned a very tragic and devastating truth--they’re now facing an enemy unlike any they’ve ever faced before: The Whisperers, with leader Alpha (Samantha Morton), second-in-command Beta (Ryan Hurst), and Alpha’s teenage daughter Lydia  (Cassady McClincy) claiming their first victim, Jesus (Tom[...]