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Wildstorm Oral History Hits Kickstarter Two And A Half Years After Start Of Development
Following in the procrastinating footsteps of Wildstorm founder Jim Lee, an oral history book telling the story of Wildstorm has finally made its way to Kickstarter, after two and a half years of development Called Wild Times: An Oral History Of WildStorm Studios, the 450 page book features interviews with more than 75 comics personalities,[...]
Brett Booth's Wildstorm Rebirth?
It was noted, in the DC Rebirth announcement, a definite absence of anything Wildstorm-related The comic publisher/imprint bought by DC Comics as part of the deal that made Jim Lee a vice president of the publisher and then co-publisher, saw Wildstorm books and characters published by DC, then integrated into the New 52 Stormwatch, Team 7,[...]
Ben Abernathy Is Now Director Of Talent Relations For DC Comics
Ben Abernathy, former DC Comics and Wildstorm editor left the company a few years back to work with Madefire… but now he is returning as the Director of Talent Relations Abernathy teased his return on twitter today, but then Gail Simone let the cat out of the bag all together.   Duh duh DUH[...]
Teen Titans #2 Big Final Page Spoilers For All You Alan Moore WildCATS Fans…
So we have the return of an Alan Moore Wildstorm character, teaming up with a DC parody of another Wildstorm character. Are we sure this isn't a Multiversity crossover? My head hurts. Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London Currently featuring the Lords of Infinity exhibition,  with the works of Cristian Ortiz, Andy Poyiadgi and James Harvey, running until September 7th.   [...]
Mark Millar Pitched Death Of Xavier And Wolverine/Cyclops Split In 2004?
But there were a few new nuggets in the mix. Including after The Authority and while he was working on Ultimate X-Men, being flown out with Frank Quitely to the West Coast Wildstorm offices and offered a salary deal and the costs of moving Glasgow to San Diego to work for Wildstorm full time[...]
A WildStorm Is Rising
Particulars: The WildStorm Oral History Project. Creators involved- As many that want to be! Close/Publishing date- Open ended At least a six month interview window based on participants' availability then editing into oral history format By Joseph Hedges If I asked you to name the comics universe that creators the likes of Brian Azzarello, Lee Bermejo, Ed Brubaker, J[...]
Roleplaying Adventures Through DC Comics Universes
The only unfortunate thing (for me) is that the Wildstorm characters (as usual?) tend to get short shift in the game line, being mentioned in passing in the DC Adventures Universe book The Wildstorm characters haven't made an RPG appearance since the 2004 Authority RPG and Resource Book put out by Guardians of Order I[...]
Will You Give Joe Phillips A Helping Hand? Or, Indeed, A Foot?
We wrote about Wildstorm creator and Gaijin Studios founder Joe Phillips' medical situation last year Now we're asking for your help. Cully Hamner writes, My old friend and studiomate, comic book artist JOE PHILLIPS, suffered complications from diabetes back in November, and ended up having his foot amputated below the knee.  As you can imagine, this has been[...]
Shannon Eric Denton Worked On The Upcoming GI Joe Episode Of NBC's Community
He's drawn Supreme and Deadpool comcs, he's edited at Wildstorm, and he's also worked on cartoons from Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius to X-Men, Spider-Man and Silver Surfer. And now he has a new thing A very special episode of Community… The G.I Joe episode of @nbccommunity I had worked on for @StarburnsInd has finally been announced! YO,[...]
When An Oscar Winner Used To Write Comics
With three Wildstorm books to his name, The Authority: Human On The Inside from 2004, Razor's Edge: Warblade and an original series, The American Way. Oh and he wrote an episode of Static Shock too. Maybe one day, if we're very good, we'll be able to invite him back?   John Ridley is a rather hot writer right[...]
A Fundraiser In Memory Of Edwin Rosell
Just before Christmas, we were saddened to hear of the death of Wildstorm inker Edwin Rosell at the age of 41. Ex-Wildstorm staffer John Nee, now of Cryptozoic Games, is looking for artists to contribute to a fundraiser book to help his family, and is working with a number of ex-Wildstorm and ex-Homage Studios folk Expect[...]
Edwin Rosell, Inker And Designer, Dies At 41
Edwin Rosell was best known in the comics industry as an inker, working for Wildstorm on comics such as Gen 13 and Alan Moore's run on Voodoo (above) But he has a longer and more diverse career as a visual developer, working as a visual designer. Animator and designer Jeff Merghart posted earlier this month, I'd just[...]
Anatomy Lesson – Mr Majestic #1
Brandon Thomas writes for Bleeding Cool: “Cosmology” by Joe Casey, Brian Holguin, and Ed McGuiness The first issue of Mr. Majestic is one of my favorite
New Exec Editor Of Vertigo To Report To Youngblood #1 Dialoguer
Now, as part of his duties for Integrated Publishing, he now oversees Vertigo and Shelly will report in to him. Kanalz has worked for Warner Bros' theme parks, was General Manager at Wildstorm and has written and edited comics such as writing an issue of Flash and editing World Of Warcraft But what he will always[...]
Lot 13 Deserves A Lot Of Attention
DC has been sitting on Lot 13 since it was first advertised as coming out under the Wildstorm (RIP) imprint And while we're on the topic, where's my goddamn Astro City monthly?! Now that they're finally releasing it, they are doing so with the same pomp and fanfare they gave Brian Wood's Supernatural mini: NONE[...]
The J Scott Campbell Austin Powers Comic That Never Was
One of a very few remaining posters that prove that, at one point, Wildstorm Comics pitched to make an Austin Powers comic book This poster, with art by J Scott Campbell, was created for the pitch. Naturally, it never went through, but we are left with this glimpse of what once was…   Just[...]
Ben Abernathy Leaves DC Comics
With a history at Dark Horse Comics and Marvel, Ben Abernathy was Senior Editor at Wildstorm when DC Comics underwent their relatively recent reorganisation, closed down Wildstorm and moved Ben to DC Digital Recently as Digital Editor, he's been focused on DC's original digital books, such as the current Legends Of The Dark Knight, the[...]
DC Comics Liquidating Stacks Of Trade Paperbacks And Graphic Novels
Plenty of Pre-New 52 superhero books, Minx, CMX, Wildstorm and Zuda on their way out as well Most of these books have been pulled from Amazon's warehouse it appears, for this big sale to retailers… but once they're gone, they're gone. 21 DOWN TP 52 AFTERMATH THE FOUR HORSEMEN TP 52 THE COMPANION TP 52 THE COVERS HC AARON AND[...]
When Jim Lee Rode A Camel And Alan Moore Wrote Gen 13
Scott Dunbier of IDW, and ex of Wildstorm, has been having a bit of a tidy He writes; I feel like an archeologist Amanda wants to de-clutter, so going through boxes and folders from years ago Finding all sorts of fun things. Just found some pictures from a New Years party in maybe 1997 JimLee is wearing[...]
Wildstorm Invades Superman As Helspont Appears In Superman #8
Nothing can make the prescence of the Wildstorm Universe, truly rebooted within the new 52, quite as clear as the cover to Superman #8, to be published by DC Comics in April While the cover to Action Comics #8 features Superman and the Collectors, messing around with Bottle cities and Bottle people, the cover to[...]
Reach Of Daemonites In The DC New 52 Goes Further
We'd already seen mention of the Wildstorm alien race, the shape-shifting Daemonites, in the Wildstorm-originated books Stormwatch, Grifter and Voodoo. But this week's DC Comics All Access editorial page states that the Daemonite influence will also extend to Demon Knights, which makes some sense as it's the prototype in the past for Stormwatch in the present,[...]
Where In The World Is Wildstorm?
Fine, fine, fine. But what I want to know about is… Wildstorm and Vertigo continuity Seriously, everyone's been focused on a new DC reality, that they haven't quite realised that what were actually getting with the new DCU is not a rewritten DC Universe but some kind of merged universe[...]
Today, Wildstorm Enters Flashpoint (SPOILERS)
So, we knew with Voodoo, Stormwatch and Grifter, that Wildstorm would be embedding itself into the DC Universe relaunch after Flashpoint concludes. But did anyone know it is also happening in Flashpoint as well? And in the main central Flashpoint series too? Here's a scene from the new issue, Flashpoint #3 laying out the members of[...]
DC Relaunch: Who Is Jake Ellis' Nathan Edmondson To Write Grifter #1
And taking on a Wildstorm book, to boot. Any chance of Jim Zubkavich's Wetworks? Or Charles Soule's Ladytron? Links to Bleeding Cool's complete DC relaunch coverage So I was discussing the DC Relaunch with a couple of friends in the pub And I was reminded of criticism aimed Bob Harras at Marvel that I once[...]