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A Look Through X-Ray Spex At X-Ray Robot
If there's a more unabashedly COMICS title than X-Ray Robot, I'm not aware of it. X-Ray Robot cover Credit: Dark Horse Comics It's tough to write about the Allred Family's work (Mike Allred and Laura Allred) and not write the word joy X-Ray Robot is another piece of their joyous science fiction Depending on how generous you[...]
Mike Allred Launches X-Ray Robot at Dark Horse in March
X-Ray Robot will be a part of Allred's Madmaniverse, featuring a man accompanying his 277-year-old future robot himself on an interdimensional road trip to save the universe. Check out the press release for more info below The first of four issues will hit stores on March 25th. MILWAUKIE, Ore (December 9, 2019) — From visionary cartoonist, Michael[...]