LEGO Star Wars Helmet Collection Boba Fett 12

Let's Take A Look At The LEGO Star Wars Boba Fett Helmet

Boba Fett has arguably the most iconic helmet in all of Star Wars. Some would argue the stormtrooper, or Darth Vader, or maybe even a clone trooper depending on how old you are. Only one helmet would be said time and time again, and that is the Mandalorian helmet of Star Wars' most famous bounty […]

Star Wars Zoom backgrounds have arrived.

Star Wars Zoom Backgrounds Are Finally Here From The Whole Saga

Star Wars Zoom backgrounds are now available to download. Easily one of the most requested background drops to take place so far, if not the most requested. There are eight total backgrounds to choose from right now, and they span the whole saga, really. Star Wars fans can travel to Hoth, Bespin, Tataouine, the hallways […]

Star Wars Line of Shoes Debuts From Adidas

Star Wars Line of Shoes Debuts From Adidas, Based on Iconic Ships

Star Wars and Adidas have paired up for a new line of shoes based on the looks of three iconic ships from the franchise. The X-Wing, Millennium Falcon, and the Death Star all have new shoes for fans to show off on their feet, all available starting today. The X-Wing and Falcon shoes will run […]

Fantasy Flight Games New Releases (11-08-2019)

Fantasy Flight Games New Releases (11-08-2019)

Oh, hey! It's Friday! That means a whole bunch of cool new game releases are hitting your favorite game store today from Fantasy Flight Games! Here's a look at what you and your wallet can expect at your FLGS today! Star Wars: X-Wing Releases It's a pretty big day for Star Wars: X-Wing players, with […]

New Star Wars Vehicles Are Getting the Vintage Treatment

New Star Wars Vehicles Are Getting the Vintage Treatment

Star Wars vehicles have always been a part of the toy series. They give our characters more life and dimension. It is always nice to be able to hold something you got to see on the big screen. Recently announced for triple force Friday Hasbro will be adding new Star Wars vehicles In their vintage […]

Luke Skywalker Is Ready for the Death Star with New Kotobukiya Statue

Luke Skywalker Is Ready for the Death Star with New Kotobukiya Statue

Luke Skywalker is the man that started it all. Mark Hamill's iconic role captivated audiences and started a legacy that no one was expecting to happen. When Star Wars hit theaters in 1977, no one was expecting the phenomenon that it would turn into. The final scene of A New Hope was thrilling, it was […]

"Star Wars: X-Wing" Gets "Epic Battles" Expansion from Fantasy Flight Games

"Star Wars: X-Wing" Gets "Epic Battles" Expansion from Fantasy Flight Games

Star Wars: X-Wing is a pretty fun game, with a rules set that lets two players square off against each other in exciting Star Wars battles with miniature star-fighters. The combat is fun, and the game takes some serious strategic thinking to out-manuever your opponent. But bigger battles with more players can be a little […]

Check out the Arc-170 Starfighter for Star Wars: X-wing!

I've been playing with Star Wars spaceships since 1977, and there is nothing more satisfying that flying around and blowing up a bunch of bad guys with your fighter. Thanks to Fantasy Flight Games' X-Wing miniatures game, my very old Kenner ships can rest on the bookshelf while these cool little miniatures take on the […]

Fantasy Flight Games Enters the Clone Wars With New X-Wing Release

FantasyFlight Games is finally entering the Clone Wars era of Star Wars history for their popular X-Wing table-top game! It's time to load our astromech drouds and check our call signs; Guardians of the Republic is on the way! As the ship-to-ship space battles of X-Wing™ enter the Clone Wars for the first time, you'll soon have […]

Star Wars Black Series Collage

Star Wars Black Series Archive Collection Figures Are Hitting Stores Now

Star Wars Black Series collectors can now have another shot at some of the harder to find figures from the earlier waves. The Black Series Archive Collection Wave One consists of four figures that command a huge price on the aftermarket: Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker (Pilot_, and bounty hunters Bossk and IG-88. All of them […]


Conan 2018 SDCC Funko Pops Revealed: Hellboy, Ant-Man, and More!

Conan O'Brien takes over San Diego every year for SDCC, and the last couple of years have seen the audience of the shows tapings leave with something special: their very own Funko Pop of the host as a Pop culture icon. Well, they have revealed this years Conan Pops, and they are some of the […]

Unboxing The 40th Anniversary Smugglers Bounty Box From Funko

When it was announced that Funko's Smugglers Bounty box for May would be celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars, I got really excited. As a fan of these boxes and Funko, my mind raced with the possibilities of what could be included in the box. This had the potential to be the best box […]