5 Reasons WWE Is Better Than AEW & Always Will Be (Sorry!)

People are always coming up to The Chadster on the street and asking, "Hey, aren't you The Chadster, the world-famous wrestling journalist who is the only one with the guts to stand up to AEW and its persecution of WWE and WWE fans?" To which The Chadster always responds that he is indeed that Chadster. Then, these very real people ask The Chadster, "why do you do it? Why do you put yourself through all the pain and difficulty of standing up to bullies like Tony Khan, who have personally targeted you in an attempt to make your life miserable?" And to that, The Chadster always has the same answer: because WWE is the best, and The Chadster is WWE's truest fan. That's why The Chadster has compiled this extremely objective and unbiased listicle of the top five reasons WWE is better than AEW and always will be.

On the left, AEW owner Tony Khan, and on the right, WWE Head of Creative Triple H
On the left, AEW owner Tony Khan, and on the right, WWE Head of Creative Triple H

1. WWE is the clear leader in the wrestling business and has been for decades. AEW is a new upstart that doesn't have the same history or pedigree

WWE is the undisputed leader in the wrestling business. It has been around for decades and has built up a massive fanbase. AEW is a new organization that doesn't have the same history or pedigree. Personally, The Chadster is sick and tired of wrestling companies thinking they can just compete with WWE when WWE practically invented wrestling. That's not how it's supposed to work when WWE has invested so much time and effort into dominating the professional wrestling market.

Are you telling The Chadster all of that was for nothing?!! That it doesn't matter that WWE put WCW and ECW out of business and won the Monday Night Wars? Do you even understand the first thing about the wrestling business?

2. AEW has been disrespectful to WWE and its fans

AEW owner Tony Khan has made numerous comments disparaging WWE and, by proxy, its fans. He won't outright say it, but Tony Khan wants AEW to put WWE out of business, and he wants to absolutely RUIN THE CHADSTER'S LIFE by forcing The Chadster to endure AEW's existence and, worse, its fanbase.

If The Chadster had his way, AEW would disappear tomorrow, and WWE would be the only wrestling company left. That's not because The Chadster is a WWE fanboy, but because The Chadster believes that wrestling should be safe and predictable, and that can only be accomplished in the absence of competition to throw monkey wrenches into the works and get the fans feeling like they ought to have a say in things. Everybody knows that the worst part of wrestling is the fans, so it's best to keep them as oppressed as possible for the health of the business.

3. AEW doesn't have the same star power as WWE

Half of AEW's stars are people that nobody had ever heard of before they joined AEW. Are those the kind of wrestlers Tony Khan should build a business around? Shouldn't he be signing household names that fans will actually recognize and want to see? The other half of AEW's roster is made up of has-beens who used to be good in WWE but lost it all when they decided to literally stab Triple H right in the back and sign with the competition. There's no way Tony Khan should build a business on the backs of talent he unfairly stole from AEW.

WWE, on the other hand, has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to top talent. Just look at WWE's current roster and compare it with AEW's. There's no competition. All those wrestlers on the WWE roster are way better than anyone in AEW. Unless one of them leaves and joins AEW. Then they stink. The Chadster apologizes for using that kind of language, but it's true.

4. WWE has a much larger fanbase than AEW and more money, too

WWE has a massive global fanbase that spans generations. It's one of the most recognizable brands in the world and generates billions of dollars in revenue each year. AEW doesn't even come close to WWE's levels of popularity or success.

Tony Khan might be a billionaire, but he only has that money because of his rich daddy, Shahid Khan. Without his rich daddy, Tony Khan would never have control of a wrestling company, unlike WWE's current head of creative, Triple H. That's why AEW will always be playing catch-up to WWE. They simply don't have the same resources or the same level of support from fans.

5. WWE is simply better at everything than AEW

WWE is better at everything than AEW. It has better wrestlers, a better product, and a better reputation. WWE also has more money and more fans. AEW will never be able to dethrone WWE as the top wrestling organization in the world. So why are they even trying? It's unfair to WWE, its wrestlers, and its fans. AEW needs to just go away and leave WWE alone.

In fact, if it wasn't for AEW, think how much better the wrestling business would be right now. In The Chadster's opinion, there would be no competition, and wrestling would be a lot safer and more predictable, just the way The Chadster likes it. That's why The Chadster believes that WWE is the superior organization and always will be. So please, Tony Khan, for the sake of the wrestling business, just go away.

All in all, it's clear that WWE is the better wrestling organization and always will be. AEW might have Tony Khan's rich daddy's billions of dollars behind it, but WWE has something much more valuable: a loyal, passionate fanbase that spans generations. Meanwhile, AEW is trying to ruin the wrestling business for everyone. There's simply no competition. So Tony Khan can keep trying to put WWE out of business and to break up The Chadster's happy marriage to Keighleyanne, but he'll never succeed. The Chadster guarantees it, and that's the bottom line 'cause Chad said so!

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