Teen Wolf Takes The Stage At Hall H For The Last Time

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On Thursday, July 20th, the Teen Wolf cast took the Hall H stage for the last time. The panel covered everything from theories as to where each of the characters will find themselves at the end of the series to a reel of each actors audition tape, another exclusive clip, and a brand spanking new season 6B trailer for fans to obsess over. But above all the panel was a trip down memory lane for the cast and the fans.

As fans waited for the beloved cast to appear, you could just feel the excitement in the air. Before the cast made their way to the stage fans were given an exclusive clip from the show's final installment featuring Derek Hale himself finding his way back to Beacon Hills. The clip catches up with Mr. Argent discussing whether or not Derek will bring himself back to Beacon Hills and cuts to Derek in a warehouse where he finds himself looking for something. Mr. Argent takes the screen again as he says "I believe in Derek Hale. The clip than cuts to Derek in the warehouse where he finds himself a pretty slick whip, which of course he has to take on a test ride.

Teen Wolf Takes The Stage At Hall H For The Last Time

Once the lights were turned back on the cast and crew of Teen Wolf were invited on stage by moderators Linden Ashby (Sheriff Stilinski) and Melissa Ponzio (Melissa McCall). Dylan Sprayberry, Shelley Hennig, Daniel Sharman, Cody Christian, Khylin Rhambo, Jeff Davis, Tyler Posey all made their way on the stage and were followed by none other than fan favorite Stiles Stilinski himself, Dylan O' Brien. The crowd went wild and the panel began.

Teen Wolf Takes The Stage At Hall H For The Last Time

Fans were than treated to another clip from season 6B of Jackson and Ethan walking through the halls of Beacon Hills high where they were greeted by Braeden. Jackson asks where they can find the assistant lacrosse coach, Scott Mchale and Braeden then leads them to the basement where she throws water and electrocutes the pair until they tell her how they know a Mr. Scott Mchale.

The cast discussed everything from where the characters may end up with their favorite memories on set and even how the show has changed their lives. Dylan O'Brien even remarking that "for me, it was never a job. I was the kid out of high school who had never acted before. I couldn't be more excited to experience this, I was just winging it. This show became my entire school that I went to everyday to learn what I was doing. This show started that way and became home. Even when I left and did another project I was so excited to go home. I was so excited to go back to Stiles because I love him so much." Throughout the panel the common theme was family, the cast and the fans included.

In a heartfelt moment and the final question of the panel a fan told the cast that Teen Wolf had helped her through her darkest times and asked the cast how they got through their darkest moments. With tears in his eyes Tyler Posey discussed mental health, therapy, and reminded the crowd that people don't want this or that "People just want to be whole." Teen Wolf isn't just a show, it's a community.

Finally, the fans were given an exclusive trailer for season 6B and after the trailers end in the spirit of family, Tyler and Dylan ran up to the crowd after the panel and signed as many badges as they could.

Teen Wolf Takes The Stage At Hall H For The Last Time

Teen Wolf returns to MTV July 30th, at 8PM. You can watch the official Comic-Con teaser below.

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